Baby Owl Goes Everywhere With Her Family | The Dodo

Published 2023-02-12
This owl preens her sister's hair and picks them up from school 💛

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All Comments (21)
  • @NeneSimone
    "Give me the yarn... you don't knit." shocked owl face 😂😂😂
  • @codmau1312
    When she says "Michael" and her eyes go wide and her eyes basically say "Huh? W-what did I do?" I love it
  • @cparks1000000
    It's amazing how different animals behave when finding food isn't a concern.
  • @VitaNocturno
    Michael just seems so happy to live up to the rep that owls have of being flying cats
  • I found an injured owl and it was so cute and loving. The owl knew I was helping it and really appreciated it. After the owl got better at a sanctuary they released it back and it lives somewhere around my house. I go outside and will hear its hoots like it is saying hi to me. I felt privileged to save the owls life.
  • @laurenm9203
    This was one of the most responsible Dodo videos I’ve seen. I really appreciate how much she stresses that not just anyone can raise an owl, that she never leaves it unsupervised with her children, and that Michael is still a wild animal. THANK YOU, ALURA!
  • @thebehebak
    "Give me the yarn. Owls don't knit." Oh my gosh, that's so hilarious and it's so sweet to see so much love between Michael and his family. 🥰🥰
  • @irvinnicely5475
    The bond between humans and animals always makes me want to cry tears of happiness.
  • @connortg5
    i actually really, really like this video, moreso than a lot of dodo videos, because not only is it adorable and heartwarming to see an animal, especially an unusual-pet animal, as part of a loving family but the messages of "i would still never leave an animal alone with my kids" and "i am highly trained DO NOT do this if you are not highly trained" are really good
  • @A_J_Gaming83
    "What kind of dog is that?" Yup that's exactly what I would have asked too. 🤣🤣🤣
  • @kytrensol9777
    For anyone saying owls are basically just catbirds, in Chinese, owls are called 'maotouying' which literally means 'cat-headed eagle'.
  • @dopenerds227
    I am sooooooo glad she stressed how she IS a SME (subject matter expert) and the importance of non-licensed folks not taking on this enormous responsibility. What an awesome family and story!
  • I love how much she talkes about what it takes to handle this bird correctly. People could take this as an invitation to go try and bring an owl in as a pet. Glad that part was addressed seriously.
  • The last image with Michael glaring down at the camera with owl decorations everywhere is like they're saying, "MY house!" So cute.
  • 2:03 Her look when told “that’s not where birds go” was that of “it is now mom” with the head buck and all 😂
  • @JasonCarney.
    The Dodo is a great Comfort in a sometimes perilous world 👍😃🌈
  • @teresa1107
    I have so much respect for the lady who is raising Michael. She is doing everything the right way. She has taken the time to study, and become licensed in the understanding of owls, and other birds of prey. She is giving Michael his best life. God Bless the both of them and the rest of the family!!
    0:07 "Michael is a non-releasable Eurasian eagle-owl....." This, and when you list your accreditations meant I could enjoy this video. And enjoy it I did. May you all live happily ever after.
  • @kitcat2449
    I love how she looks like this O.O in every situation