Baby Yoda BUT With Subtitles 2

Published 2020-12-08

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  • I'll do a 3rd Baby Yoda But with Subtitles video for the other half-season 2 when it finishes on December 18th. I figured there was plenty for two videos, so I did this video on the first 3 episodes.
  • Mars
    All I can think of now is Yoda going

    "Some gourmet shit, this is,"
    And I'm cackling.
  • Tony H
    *Mando: “hey kid”
    *grogu: “.......”
    *Mando: *sighs, “Hey, Grogu.”
    *grogu: “WATUUU???”
  • LeidyRosario_93
    Mando: “Don't play with your food”
    Grogu: “The food was trying to play me!”
  • Baby yoda: doesn’t want to eat weird raw octopus because its alive.
    Flashback: baby yoda eats frog
  • renjoher
    The 1:38 part hot pursuit got me laughing for 10 minutes straight without breathing thank god for this guy who made this.
  • hgjnrthe1st
    best scene "how much do you want for him just kidding not really"
  • kwame damuah
    4:47 Baby yoda: Why can't we adopt him?

    Mando: No. I have enough pets
  • IMagameFREAK247
    when grogu was running for his dad from the evil ice spiders i lost it ;_;
  • Gridseeker
    2:10 No matter how many times I play it, I never get bored of that sound! It´s so cute!
  • Beth Norton
    His little noises give me the biggest boost of serotonin. "Batoo!!" Look at him snuggle into his little bed and then play with the newborn frog baby!! 🥺 [crying] This tiny green baby has my whole heart in his wittle hands. 💖
  • Alujis
    "dad the demonic octopus is back"

    best sentence ever
  • BlackVector
    "How much do you want for it?"

    "Just kidding"

    "But not really"
  • Cloud
    3:58 “don’t play with ur food.” As he casually brings out a machete from his pocket and stabs it
  • Osteo Striga
    1:25 Din's facial expression directly translates to "You gotta do what you gotta do".
  • novembercherry4
    I love the way he says "NO" when he's fishing the eggs out the water. I love those 2.
  • “It’s so RAW that it’s alive.”
    Gordon Ramsey liked the video.
    Edit: 1k likes?! I’m amazed! Thank you so much guys! I’ve never gotten this much before!