Drama Actors Roundtable: Pedro Pascal, Evan Peters, Kieran Culkin, Damson Idris & More

Published 2023-05-24
Jeff Bridges (‘The Old Man’), Kieran Culkin ('Succession'), Damson Idris (‘Snowfall’ & ‘Swarm’), Michael Imperioli ('The White Lotus'), Pedro Pascal (‘The Last of Us’ & ‘The Mandalorian') and Evan Peters ('Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story') join The Hollywood Reporter for our Drama Actor Roundtable.

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Drama Actor Roundtable: Pedro Pascal, Kieran Culkin, Evan Peters, Damson Idris & More

The Hollywood Reporter

All Comments (21)
  • A H
    Whoever sat Kieran and Pedro beside each other deserves a raise.
  • YetiBeardson
    Jeff Bridges asking Evan Peters about something positive about his experience on Dahmer is a great moment to me. You can tell he sees the affect the role still has on him, and by asking that it seems to be his way of trying to help him find some kind of light from what was clearly a dark experience.
  • T3cadeus
    Kieran Culkin could become a late night show host so easily. He has the charisma, the humor and the genuine interest in the opinions of others. Makes him more qualified than the vast majority of hosts.
  • Corrie Carter
    Evan needs a comedy. He had such a small part in The Office, and made that memorable. He is amazing
  • L B
    I knew Jeff Bridges was the best person for anxious actors to be around when I heard Bill Hader talk about how Jeff gave him excellent advice backstage at SNL during one of Bill's worst anxiety attacks. But this roundtable just cemented Jeff's legendary mentor status for me. Great to see multiple generations of leading men together sharing feelings this way.
  • Lauren W
    I love how comforting they tried to be for Evan. Especially Jeff trying to get Evan to find something positive from the experience🥺
  • This was such a wonderful group to get together. And poor Evan needs to live with Jeff and Pedro for like a year to learn how to release all that evil he had to deal with.
  • Tori
    The sincere, shy, quiet, “Can I ask you a question?” Evan says to Jeff is just so endearing
  • CptVein
    Man...Pedro. Such a wonderful human being. At 14:37, the way he keeps looking at Evans after everyone else looks away, you can see in his face that he really cares.
  • Andrew Evans
    This is such a great example of positive non toxic masculinity.
    I could tear up
    This is a great interview style.
  • Ocean Sage
    Jeff Bridges is such a positive and chill actor. His relaxed and amiable personality alongside his elder wisdom is very sweet to watch.
  • Julie Delay
    Let's all start a petition to get Evan Peters in Romcoms or just comedies he needs light
  • The humility and comradeship of older actors in a group of younger and newer actors is always beautiful and amazing to watch.
  • Yan
    Evan Peters is the most underrated actor in Hollywood. The roles he’s played, he puts his all into it. I respect you sir. 👏🏽
  • I love Kieran Culkin's curiosity....his deep rooted interest in his colleagues is so admirable
  • Nahin
    would really want to see Evan in other roles and not just the bad guy ones, he is an incredible actor!
  • hallesdad
    Lacey Rose is the best ! She doesn’t come in with an agenda, her questions are precise and able to start a dialogue… and when the guests want to take the reins she knows to sit back and let it flow , adding a little nudge here and there … this was one of my favorite round tables
  • keira
    evan being so brooding and quiet compared to kieran being so childlike and chaotic is so funny
  • Patrick Wong
    They should have a permanent seat for Jeff Bridges at this table. He always keeps the conversation both moving and deep, with his personal legendary film history, courage to display vulnerability, never holds back what he truly thinks and believes, all with great respect of his colleagues and the host. The GOAT of THR roundtables for sure.