Jigzilla: the puzzle solving robot (part 1)

Published 2022-07-31
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I thought this would be an easy project to knock off my list after putting myself through the wringer with the automatic basketball hoop. I was wrong. This project is really hard. BUT that also makes it really interesting!

Some more details:
- The 5000 piece puzzle is the gradient puzzle from the play group: www.playgroup.design/
- More about telecentric lenses: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecentric_lens
- CoreXY belt design: corexy.com/
- Algorithm to determine point furthest from all puzzle edges en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distance_transform

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  • You're a Renaissance man for sure! Not many people have engineering, software, design, storytelling, and video production skills. Looking forward to part 2!
  • SanT Dz
    "Solving the 5000 pieces puzzle would take about 10 years to solve manually. Thankfully, I made this robot that can solve it in 3000 years"
  • ConRon
    Im an engineer, I generally can see and intuitively understand what you're doing on the mechanical side, but I would love a follow up video talking about the details of the software and complexities that arent fit for a normal length youtube video.
  • Pepe Frog
    "This will allow me to see when it jams up"
    You know he's a fellow engineer when he doesn't even think if it'll jam. He already knows it'll happen.
  • Jared Owen
    These videos blow my mind. Well done Shane!
  • Antonio MD
    Problem: the pieces move.
    I think, easy. Just put some felt material.
    him: "I'll build a vacuum table"
  • Wooly Cow
    you are a true engineer...building an entire machine to make life slightly more boring
  • Niels_D
    Damn there is so much engineering in this. Items like the puzzle piece storage unit is shown in a few seconds but I can only imagine the time that went into that. Very nice work!
  • I'd be super interested to hear about how the software works (as a programmer) for all your projects even if it means you have to put it in a separate video
  • The fact that it takes him so little time to do each of his projects (3weeks so far on this one) is simply mind-blowing!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  • Jacob Brown
    Thank you for showing that the process of iteration is messy! And anything worth doing usually takes a bunch of tries! It's refreshing in a world of Instagram filters where everyone pretends their end result was easy. This inspires me so much!
  • Cathnan
    Really looking forward to see how you're optimizing the code. I can't think of a way to split it up to more than 4 cores. But somehow I think a gpu could really accelerate this
  • Stuff, I know that you're making these videos available to a wider audience by toning down the science, but I would absolutely love it if you made follow up videos where you really got into explaining all of the theory and math going on here. You seem to skip over a lot of integration hell, but I think that's the most interesting part. All the pieces you wouldn't think would go wrong, and how to fix some of them. Someone else suggested a second channel or followup videos to help do both.

    Sincerely, the next generation of engineers who love what you're doing
  • CoQuickAg
    I can't wait for part 2. The coding is my favorite part. I know a tiny bit of how to use python for a few specific purposes so it's a joy to see that is what you use for a lot of this. :D
  • BlackCat
    I favorite part about these videos is scenes where Shane talks in front of his monitors. I love finding little easter eggs on the screens :D
  • alsmith20000
    This is all pretty awesome, it must be so nerve wrecking to engage with a project like this. You have to do so much work and can't be sure how well it will work out.
  • Guty
    I love your channel, as an aspirant to engineer I would like to know if your code is public and if not could you tell me what library/project do you use for the image recognition, if any.

  • jonas1015119
    that single motor setup to drive 20 different screws is so cool
  • This man seriously has some of the most incredible feats of engineering I’ve seen. I mean, the sheer amount of work he must put into every one is just astronomical. Many thanks for sharing them!