Rare Americans - Brittle Bones Nicky (Official Music Video)

Published 2019-09-02
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Official video for Brittle Bones Nicky by Rare Americans (2019).

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Animated by: Solis Animation
Produced by: James Priestner

Written by: Rare Americans
Produced by: Ben Kaplan & Rare Americans
Recorded by: Ben Kaplan & Jeff Quinn
Mixed by: Ben Kaplan
Mastered by: Ted Jensen @ Stirling Sound

Wires got crossed when I was about 3
Dad had bloody heavy hands, used them on me
My mamma? Bless her heart, cuz she gave me a start
She got killed, bad man, dad stiffed in a scam
Grew up in the system, bounced, couple homes
This woman Mary, gifted me hand-me-down clothes
Shy at the start, till this guy named Shifty
Who had 100 pounds on me called me “Brittle Bones Nicky”
A target aimed straight at my face
Big house of kids, cred is cake
Rounded up a couple bucks, got it freshly baked
Sat down to dinner
Put it right in his face
Right in his fucking face (in his face)

You’re not gonna push me around
You can’t get me down, down, down (down!)
You’re not gonna push me around (nooo!)
You can’t get me down, down, down (down!)

Bounce ahead a couple years, king of my peers
We biked the block, cheersin’ pretty girls beers
Did alright for myself, petty thefts I pulled
I dropped outta school, built a circle of bulls
Needing more money, covered head to toe
Snuck up, sucker, took his stash, and drove
The cash stashed, it was pouring in
Bulk of it up my nose
How dumb I was, twenty-one
And way out of control
The cops kicked down the door
She did a line right off my (wow!)
Said “that’s one way to go down”
Knew I was hard as rock
Knew-I-was-hard-as-rock (hard as rock)

You’re not gonna push me around
You can’t get me down, down, down (down!)
You’re not gonna push me around (no!)
You can’t get me down, down, down (down!)

Bars, new world, who could I trust?
Killers were nice, smugglers were rough
Met a man named Ben, quite sharp & witty
Gave me books about money & cities
Taught me ropes, only years coulda gained
Looked out for each other, M.O’s the same
That night I heard Ben, turning 50 in May
Yellin’ so loud, two decades we aged
Found him cornered, pants down, shanked
Didn’t even think twice, man I barely blinked
(I barely blinked, I barely blinked)

If it cost me my life man id save my only friend
That’s something I could live with
I could take that till the end

You’re not gonna push me around
You can’t get me down, down, down (down!)
You’re not gonna push me around (no!)
You can’t get me down, down, down (down!)

Now every morning, coffee, park
Walking around the city, deals light or dark
I’m straight edge as a punk, well mannered, and I feel free
Tried to do what I thought was best
And that’s coming to the grave with me
As I lay here in my final nights, I try to have a laugh
I didn’t win the game of life
But I’d give myself a pass

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  • Rare Americans
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  • JC clores3
    imagine how strong he'd be if he drank his milk and his bones were stronger
  • Kitty Post!
    I love how consistent Nicky is throughout his life! Nicky always fought to protect himself and people, stranger or not, whether that’s his mother, the lady he did drugs with, or his best friend.
    Nicky had always stuck with his moral compass, regardless of what happened to him
  • CasinosDetract
    “Killers were nice, smugglers were rough.” That hit deep
  • Ness
    This made me realize that now with the song's sequel, that Nicky coming out of the grave wasn't him in the afterlife, but instead him after having tricked God, enjoying being a ghost. Fucking amazing.
  • L_A_D
    I love the fact that this dude is always rail-thin, but through what I'm guessing is sheer wild ferocity and brutality, he manages to beat down everyone that comes at him.
  • DelRIDK
    "I didn't win the game of life, but I give myself a pass."
    That sent chills down my spine
  • Agent Carl
    I love the reason he made this song he says, “I saw a old man on a park bench and I wondered what happened through his life”
  • kynz_
    2:03 is definitely my favorite part its just the intense feeling and the great lyrics with the music it's just amazing!.
  • N. M. Fergus
    I love how he manages to absolutely destroy everyone in a fight, even guys who are way bigger than him.
  • ur mother
    2:12 was probably the best scene, it represented how nicky actually was, would do anything to save a friend without hesitation but then always found as the bad guy in the situation. but he doesn’t care, he saved his friend and that’s what mattered the most to him.
  • x_x
    “If it cost me my life I would save my only friend” these words for some reason HIT DIFFERENT for me
  • Ryan Deken
    is nobody gonna talk about the last line? "i didn't win the game of life, but i'd give myself a pass." that line really resonates me, it conveys the idea of accepting your past and yourself for what it is really well
  • Idon'tcare Much
    Let's be honest we've all listened to this more than once
  • 0:38 This line gave me chills when I first heard it, God bless Rare Americans. Hope they continue to make absolute bangers like this song
  • Neil Gaffney
    I'd love to see a TV series called "The story of Brittle Bones Nicky" I would definitely watch it
  • Trimq
    "if it cost me my life man i'd save my only friend, thats something I could live with I could take that to the end" Still gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it.
  • JordyMusic♪
    I love how the "I'd save my only friend" has nicky getting restrained by the prison guards, and with out resisting, he says "hey, Ben!"
  • crabtoast
    this song is an actual vibe i can't stop listening to it
  • Matthew Lamb
    Can we just talk about how precious his smile is once he knows his friend is okay?