Lord of the Rings Music & Ambience | Rivendell, Magical Sunrise (3rd Edition)

Published 2019-03-27
"Such was the virtue of the land of Rivendell that soon all fear and anxiety was lifted from their minds."
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  • Jim Blaine
    I'm 55 years old. I read The Hobbit when I was 13. Read The Lord of the Rings three times before I was 15 - all 3 books, in paperback because that was way before the internet or even computers. I saw the first crappy attempt to televise The Hobbit - an animated dismal failure. Then there was Ralph Bakshi's first and only attempt to render The Fellowship of the RIng and the first half of the Two Towers into one animated feature film which actually showed in cinemas. It was pretty good.But NEVER could I have dreamed that someone would come along and do this story SO MUCH JUSTICE as Peter Jackson has done. The entire realm of MIddle Earth, Gandalf, Frodo, Aragorn, the Elves, the Orcs and Goblins - all vividly portrayed with real actors/actresses - no animation. Maybe just a bit of CG, but accompanied by the finest, most moving, wonderful musical score!After all three of Peter Jackson's films came out and of course qualified and nominated for 11 Academy Awards - guess what? It won ALL 11 Academy awards! I have that event recorded.Never in cinematic history has one story captivated the International film viewing public as this story has!This music is a blessing. Let us not forget the roots of this wonderful music, the story behind it, and the brilliant author behind the story: J.R.R. Tolkien!P.S. Frodo lives!
  • elisa lwt
    How can you miss a place you've never been to? Because I'm feeling so nostalgic.
  • LandMammal
    Home is behind
    The world ahead
    And there are many paths to tread
    Through shadow
    To the edge of night
    Until the stars are all alight

    Mist and shadow
    Cloud and shade
    All shall fade
    All shall
  • Zach113
    Hey there, I found your channel recently and it’s been totally life changing. I spend hours a day studying/reading, and putting your videos in the background has had such a positive impact on my focus, relaxation, and mood. Keep up the great work, and thank you!
  • MeMe-Diep
    the music is perfect
    the background is perfect
    lotr is perfect
    rivendell is perfect
    i love it😍
  • Jedi Bunny
    I love Rivendell.

    I tried to make my room look and feel like Rivendell growing up.

    This is beautiful. Thank you for making it, I feel like I’m home.
  • Istari
    "Such is the virtue of the land of Rivendell that soon all fear and anxiety was lifted from their minds"
  • I am reading the Fellowship at the moment and this channel has been a blessing! It makes the whole experience so much better, I put on the Shire melodies at the beginning and now this as book 2 begins with Frodo waking up in Rivendell to find Gandalf smoking his pipe by the window. Your videos allow me to completely immerse myself in the story and I can't thank you enough for that! Moving on to your other Rivendell videos for the council now!
  • Never before were there movies like The Lord of The Rings, and there will never be any like them again.
  • Is it just me that is waiting for one of the elves to walk past on the screen? Great video and music!!
  • sunsandstars19
    This is my absolute favorite!
    Rivendell is so magical, peaceful, enchanting and perfect!
    Imagine sitting there while watching a beautiful sunrise, feeling a fresh breeze coming from the mountains when suddendly a tall, gorgeous elf with beautiful silver eyes and dark hair flowing gently in the wind, approaches you, greets you in a soft voice and asks who you are, then sits down next to you and tells you stories of old, from times long gone, while you look into that breathtaking and noble face, being hopelessly lost for words.
  • Perktube1
    12:53 - The music that played when Frodo had to say goodbye to his friends and depart with Gandalf on the eleven ship.
    Oh the sweetness but ohhh the sadness and how they mixed so well in that scene.
  • MadHatterDJ
    When I die I'm going to Rivendell 🕊 Beautiful.
  • Soham Kale
    I was too young at the time for it, but I really regret the fact that I wasn't old enough to watch through the release of the LoTR trilogy on the big screen. Man, I wish I could relive that era as I am now.. .. Such an epic
  • Addie
    I'd love to see a Pirates of the Caribbean themed Ambience! This is so beautiful- I'm pretty sure I belong in Rivendell.
  • Eleanor
    When I die, if I haven't been too bad, I'm pretty sure paradise will look and sound like that 😊
  • Bofur
    Despite the food was terrible, clearly remembering that place as magnificent at Erebor Quest... may Durin bless them...
  • PixelmannsRotmg
    Hey could you make one for Lake-Town/Esgaroth?
    I love the theme and you could add some water sounds and seagulls and stuff... that'd be super cool