F1 Teams Summer Break Evaluation

Published 2022-08-05
Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferarri, McLaren and Gunther look back at the first half of the season lol!

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  • Xavier
    Max had me giggling. Carlod had me laughing. Ricciardo is just 😂
  • The Holst
    Can't believe you got the actual George Russel to join you for one of these. Really serves to prove how big you've made it with these F1 videos
  • JK
    All impressions are spot on, but can we also appreciate the dialogs and whole screenplay? It's really, really funny 😂 Keep up the good work, otherwise Günter will get to the bottom of this 😉
  • Nick
    Lando should have started laughing after a while with Daniel. Both of them with their signature laugh done by you would be awesome mate. Thanks for this one again. Loved it!
  • jimjimsauce
    the mercedes meeting had to be the funniest, the lewis impression was great, the george impression was hilarious, and the toto impression left me in stitches
  • ABN Falcon
    Those Verstappen's and Carlos' voices were just so accurate and perfect
  • The Verstappen, Sainz and Binotto impressions were totally spot on
  • DGator 72
    The fact that Toto's voice is so easy to do and yet he didn't even have to do it and still nailed it 😄
  • Simon Singh
    Christian: I think we’ve finally got the right car.

    Checo under his breath: For some of us…
  • Mon Mir
    The face when saying "your number 1 driver" Russell, Sainz is incredible
  • Willy C.
    How can you do every single voice so perfectly? This is getting a bit scary😂❤️ these F1 impressions are gold!!
  • Danny’s laughter had me cracking up - that personality is so on point! Great job, sir!
  • Tony Hamlyn
    I was rolling around on the floor laughing harder than your Daniel Ricciardo impersonation, well done, awesome job. Your Norris and Russell voices were brilliant also, and love how you altered the aspect ratio for the merc pair to match the obvious Lewis v George shapes :)
  • This is brilliant!! Max, Carlos, Mattia Benotto, Lando and Daniel were so on point. The others were good too.
  • Aron Agmar
    Max and Checo were PERFECT! You nailed how they interact with each other in their interviews haha
  • andi897
    you nailed Daniel's contagious laugh. I had to stop for a moment for laughing too much
  • Nico C.
    Lewis' ever evolving Jewelry, De Totonator is malfunctioning, Spice Girls poster is a nice touch, George never blinks, all GOLD!
  • It is not just the voice, you've managed to get facial expressions so accurate it's scary... especially Toto and Guenther!!!
  • cynic stelios
    What can I say ? You are a legend Conor! Even the f1 drivers are following you 😂
    Give us weekly skits, we need them! So accurate all of them, well done mate
  • Vince Vintage
    “You know what Daniel! If you don’t stop laughing you’re out of the team”