cavetown playlist 2

Published 2021-01-01
I do not own the audio to these songs. It all belongs to the original creator, I just made this playlist. Hope you enjoy :D

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Video made by-Rikkas.Aki.Tsuki X Ghost Girl💜

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  • 109 The Haven
    Just so everybody knows some of the videos on my channel have ads unfortunately but not due to me it's due to YouTube's new update that certain videos they will put ads on them even if someone is not eligible for them so all the revenue from the ads goes to YouTube not me.
  • Kao :]
    I don't suffer from gender-dysphoria or have anything wrong, I just really like cavetown music because I find it relaxing and calming, but I know most people listening to this are going through a rough time so, I promise things will get better! Take care of yourself! It's okay to ask for help, or be a little selfish when it's needed!
  • This is Home 00:00
    Fool 03:43
    Pigeon 07:30
    Poison 10:04
    Lemon Boy 12:10
    Devil town 16:38
    Meteor Shower 19:37
    Jack's Song 23:59
    another one of those days 28:11
    Talk to me 32:12
    it's U 36:45
    We're Alive 40:43
    Juliet 44:12
    Boys Will Be Bugs 48:48
    hazel 54:10
    'Taking Care of Things' 57:51
    Hug All Ur Friends 1:01:54
    green 1:07:21
    Banana Bread 1:11:49
    10 feet tall 1:16:30
    Nostalgia in my BedRoom 1:20:48
    Night Knuckles 1:24:27
    Outside with the cuties 1:28:18
    rain 1:30:59
    Rocket Ships 1:34:57
    Dysphoric 1:39:55
    PEACHY 1:42:13
    Slow dancing in the Dark 1:45:16
    House of Gold 1:48:35
    "Big Bowl in the sky" 1:51:17
    "888" 1:53:56
    "I'll Make Cereal" 1:57:27
    Everything Is Temporary (sticks and stones) 2:01:20
    ghost boys 2:04:23
    Just Add Water 2:07:44
    "Dear" 2:12:05
    I Promise I'm Trying 2:16:48
    all the lonely nights in your life 2:21:35
    best friend 2:24:57
    devil town v2 2:29:56

    im gonna go do homework now...

    tell me if anything is wrong
  • Jozefien Voets
    random straight cis guy: (makes a song about meeting a hot girl at a party)
    nerdy lgbt+ peeps including me: meh. can't relate
    cavetown: (makes songs about befriending a lemon, having spiders in your shoes, eating sticks and rocks and mud, and wanting to be a terrifying ten feet tall cryptid with big red horns)
    nerdy lgbt+ peeps including me: (tearing up) me too, robbie. me too.
  • Harpsichord
    me: * listens to playlist to cope with dysphoria *
    me: * stops playlist for a moment and puts on black sweatshirt to also cope with dysphoria *
    me: ah yes. momentary peace.
  • Hunterleaf8
    I feel like cavetown is sort of like girl in red for transgender peeps and asexual/aromantic humans
  • :D
    literally robbie is so calming, he's the only thing that gets me to sleep. i adore him wtf.
  • Cairo Coyote
    Currently lying on my roof at 6AM watching the sun rise and crying a little.

    The sun is coming up, I’ve been trough so much- to much for one YouTube comment, but this simple moment of peace and tranquillity gives me hope- hope that things will get better, for me, for everyone. I’m cheering you on and I- whoever you are, wherever you are. I hope you feel better soon.

    Edit: Scars don’t look so bad in the sunlight. If you think about it- scars are only really proof that you went into a challenge, you fought it with all your might, and you came out stronger. Scars may not be are kindest memories but they are reminders of ourselves and what shaped us to be who we are today. And when I say scars I mean marks in your skin of course but I also mean memories- to some degree memories are marks on your mind, their reminders of everything you’ve faced, just like a scar in your skin.

    Bloody hell, I need a nap. I’ve been awake to long- anyway please go take care of yourself 💙 I love you all!

    Edit 2: I am starting to get better. I’m two and a half months self harm free. I’m on a new medication that’s doing wonders for me. I still keep a medkit in my room, I still have intrusive thoughts, I still feel hopeless every now and then. It’s not perfect, but i have more okay days then bad days- and at this point. That’s all I can ask for.

    I know it seems so- impossible. I thought scucide was the only way out but it isn’t. That little tiny spark of hope I felt on my roof 5 months ago… I held onto it as hard as a could, I kept praying and trying to be better, not perfect. Just better. Sometimes you just have to be able to feel okay- like your not drowning anymore before you can start working toward happiness.
  • Hey, most people who are watching this video are probably going through a rough time, so please read this.

    Find the little things in life that make you happy.
    If you're ever feeling suicidal talk to someone (cavetown pun intended). The same thing goes if your feeling worried or anxious!
    Just know a lot of people love you.
    A lot of people accept you for who you are.
    a lot of people want to be your friend.

    Love yourself! Self-depreciation is a terrible downwards spiral to go down. A lot of people would miss you if you died (especially me).

    You are a wonderful person no matter what you believe in.

    If you are lgbtqia+ people you know may not accept you but we all do here!
  • A RG
    I don’t know who the fuck you are but I’m proud of you for being here. You are what you know you are, genderfluid, non-binary ect. You are that no matter how you look. I’m proud if you for being here.
  • Haru
    If someone truly has the time to scroll down only to dislike or say something negative then idk wtf they're doing with their life or whats wrong with them bc Cavetown is phenomenal C:
  • Bug
    As a genderfluid lesbian, this has helped me cope with a lot
    Every night I click on this playlist and drift into a void where I can be whatever I want and make whatever I want. Honestly, It’s better than earth. I have the body I want in my dreams. Then I wake up. But hey I’m still here. So are you! Good job you made it through another day! Keep going stay strong! The world is tough but with the right attitude your much stronger! Please keep going. Doesn’t matter who you are but I love you! And please get some sleep- we all know you haven’t sleep in months even years. Take a little nap ^^ maybe even listening to this playlist ^^ Alr, I’m done ranting. Take care and have a fabulous morning/afternoon/evening/night (if it’s night go to sleep please)
  • Mossed_up_04
    The CaveTown community is just full of the most wholesome people ever and I love it.
  • Today is the first day I'm hearing Cavetown's Music other than This is Home. I don't even know any of these songs but they make me sooooo happy for some reason. I can't find a single song I don't love. This is amazing, considering I don't like at least one song from most artists. Officially my favorite artist.
  • Bilbo
    Your playlist is already making 2021 a good year
  • I had honestly never heard of Cavetown but this pooped up in my feed and since i listen to a bit of everything, i gave it a shot. Very happy i did. So thanks 109, i appreciate you
  • CottonWood
    The sequel we all wanted but didn't know we needed