NEVER Count Us Out (Back 4 Blood Swarm)

Published 2022-06-22

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  • A Ng
    Lol great intro

    Didn’t want to say anything about GTFO when you guys said you were gonna play that. I had heard it’s a serious game with higher learning curve than B4B - just didn’t seem like good fit for the videos you guys are doing.

    Dead by Daylight I’ve seen other streamers play and seems like a good fit for you guys.

    Fall Guys looks a game you guys might have a blast, I saw someone playing this, and it looked fun and even watching the last place guys can be funny.

    Keith mentioned some key cards for Swarm are Combat Medic, Patient Hunter, Well Fed.
  • Blossoming Fate
    "You pulled them back into my acid, I think that's the first time our one commenter can confirm that you actually did something useful instead of hindering me for once."

    But do they want to???

    Yah ok, Dom has earned some praise uh, Amazing Tutorial I mean Good Job!
  • World61