Jimin: Like Crazy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published 2023-03-25
Jimin performs "Like Crazy" for The Tonight Show.

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Jimin: Like Crazy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


All Comments (21)
  • @beyou8933
    Omg jimin, even after 9 months like crazy is still a fresh banger
  • @mmy-vb3ix
    Thank you for making it possible to see Jimin again …
  • Why is this song so addictive?? I am listening it on repeat since 2 days.
  • @morningfish77
    I'm so happy to see Jimin on stage again! Jimin, I love you. I miss you.
  • @ArmantoAlex13
    Our Jiminie is back!!!! He should be celebrated everyday! He’s the King!!🐥🤴🔥🤴
  • @trevingee8299
    Heard this song last night for the first time on 102.7 Kiis fm in LA, had never heard of Jimin.....cool song, talented dude.
  • he was so shy in his interview and so cool & confident here. love a good performer
  • @nevermind4445
    Heard a lot of solo k-pop songs but nothing comes closer to this. Definitely deserves more recognition.
  • Jimin is the first and only Asian soloist to reach no. 1 on billboard hot 100 and artist 100 with Korean solo song in the history. KING OF KPOP for a reason 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Like crazy is the first and only Asian solo song to reach no. 1 on billboard hot 100 in the history. And is the most streamed solo and also most streamed Korean song in the history 👑🔥
  • @ippass5522
    listened this song a few times in the last two days and today I discovered the singer is a bts member. seriously no one ever told me bts has a voice like his. this song is so good. have it on my playlist
  • I'm not an army but I gotta admit that this song is a masterpiece. I'm playing it on repeat since yesterday. It's a BOP and the choreo is outstanding. Jimin is an amazing dancer
  • @sigmann66
    It's no accident this song is a hit. I actually don't care for K pop, but this is a very soulful, beautiful song. Almost otherworldly.
  • @hjp6083
    Jimin's performance is so elegant that I can't take my eyes off him
  • @lenidimyati5060
    Jimin is my fave artist. I adore him so much. He is my inspiration, my mood, my energy, my sunshine, my angel. I love you Jimin 🥰