Why We Haven't Gone Back To The Moon? (Space Race Documentary) | Spark

Published 2020-08-15

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  • Robert Bolivarr
    This moon story is like a kid who believes in Santa Claus but when he gets older, he realized that it was just his parents putting gifts inside the socks. face-blue-smiling
  • John Smith
    If you told the last man who was on the moon that for the next 50 years no person would go further than a earth hugging space station he would think you were crazy.
  • Cody Cumpton
    Well all I can say is that we all know human emotions,,those three guys,Buzz,Niel,and Micheal sure didn't act like they just came back from landing on the moon..anyone else notice this,they seemed scared ,worried ,not willing to talk.Idk it's never set right with me
  • Jason Skinner
    I love how ten minutes in the breathless description of takeoff sounds like one of the little rascals describing his first sledding experience to his friends. Sound effects and all.
  • 30:54 it is a good thing that the cameraman stayed and filmed it. It looks mind-blowingly realistic by the way!
  • Gary Jones
    Thank you for the footage of the space flight and exploration of the moon.. But why did we never go back? I've heard about some sinister things that we encountered on the moon which I was led to believe that's what this video was about.. So again, why did we never go back?
  • Sherry Landgraf
    Thank you! Great presentation! A high salute to ALL those who helped with this mission! And to the astronauts and scientist who made this great journey!
  • PMT Art Studio
    In my 70 years of daning around Life, this was the BEST narrative of how it feels to be strapped in that seat going up into space WOW! I could almost feel it, awesome!
  • Mr. Sir
    Anyone see the moon yesterday at 4 in the morning. What a beautiful sight. Pure reddish bronze full moon just hanging out on the very edge of the horizon, moving at speeds fast enought that you can miss your camera shot if you hesitate
  • Karlisa Lampe
    I remember all of this from my teenage years and watching it all with my parents. From the very early beginnings with the 1st Russian satellite, Sputnik, sent into orbit, to the last Apollo mission, I followed the NASA Space Program. Our planet Earth is an Oasis in a Desert of Stars, Planets, etc., among the various diversity of life in the Universe. It is all UNIQUE in its entirety.
    Space travel is a possibility, but NOT with the current erroneous behaviors of humanity which seems bent upon the destruction of itself and all life upon this world with HATRED, WARS, and GREED. Only by leaving past animosity attitudes and behaviors behind, and in truly caring about all life in the Universe, including with respect and dignity towards each other, will space travel ever become a true reality. Until that time, humanity will remain blinded and enslaved by its arrogance.
  • “Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.” ― Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Bob in the West
    I don’t understand those who argue against space exploration based on the fact that we haven’t solved all of earth’s problems first...
    Do you scorn an Olympic gold medalist, because they didn’t cure cancer?
    Would you wait to look for a better job, because you can’t afford a better house?
    I’m pretty sure that humanity can focus on more than one thing at a time.
  • Fantastic... can anyone explain how they air conditioned temperatures between-20 to 200C? Where can I view any air conditioning technology close to that level of performance?
    Lets also explain oxygen supplies?
  • Amazing that so much was accomplished so long ago, can't wait to see what is next!
  • Sameh Mikhail
    The moon has no gravity but the walk in the movie is really a movie
  • All Good
    Awesome achievement!...and hopefully we are going back for a longer stay! 👍🚀
  • WideAwake
    Tom Hanks went to the moon....
    Saw it on TV
    Must be true.
  • Paul
    You can’t go back somewhere you’ve never been
  • Dan C.
    The space program from the very beginning of President JFK's public announcement "to the moon by 1969" was for the purpose of developing an ICBM capable of delivering a nuclear weapon payload (thermonuclear bomb) via a required heavy lift rocket ... 100's of ICBM launch sites (nuclear missile silo) were built throughout the USA , in those underground silos were rockets with a thermonuclear weapon on top instead of an Apollo Command Module ...