Chris Rock Responding to Will Smith Slap in New Special

Published 2023-03-14

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  • @johnprice866
    Imagine slapping someone, going back to your seat, getting an award (and talking about love...barf) going to an after-party, and dancing the night away with no legal repercussions. That is the definition of privilege.
  • @TheKingOfRuckus
    Chris honestly held back when it came to talking about Will and Jada. He could have gone a LOT harder, but it would have really ruined Will's life if he went full throttle. I think Chris knows that and decided not to go as hard as he could have.

    No mention of how Jada still idolizes Tupac, to the point where her daughter wrote a letter to the dead rapper begging him to come make Jada happy.

    No mention of the infamous poem.

    Mentioned the red table talk, but didn't fully go in, as it was filled with material for Chris to use.

    Chris Rock had a YEAR.

    He showed mercy here.
  • Chris Rock is the best example of the rule ''use your words, not your fist''
  • @rajatbakshi6587
    Imagine getting slapped and then witnessing the one who slapped you getting an award and a standing ovation
  • @thegishof9766
    I'm glad Jim Carry wasn't scared to call it out. It getting applaud and leading to other comedians being harassed disturbs me. Jim Carry is a blessing
  • @MAC94BMP
    The biggest shocker to me after I realized the slap was real was the fact that he didn't get escorted out... That was ridiculous and warrants a lawsuit in itself. The hosts of the event saw Chris get physically assaulted and did absolutely nothing.. 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Chris took that shot like a champ. He deserves to let the world know how he feels about it and make it funny.
  • @xxxStylee
    The best part is Joe stood up for someone on fear factor for something similar and he still holds the same position of it not being okay. Good for you Joe!
  • @alexcavazos3341
    Chris is the example of revenge is a dish best served cold.
  • Never hit someone who can deconstruct you with his words. Words to live by.
  • @poisongrey
    Hey Joe, love your work man & love the fact that you kept being the no nonsense dude we always knew. Loved the new Chris Rock special. It was savage! Keep up the good work man. Cheers!
  • It’s so good to see Chris Rock sit in this for a year without a peep. And then come with a great special that really gives the Smiths what they needed…a public spanking that people could laugh at.
  • Will Smith and that applause from the audience opened my eyes to what that industry is all about. Totally full of themselves.
  • Well said Joe. The fact that WS got a standing ovation after that slap. What is wrong with these people that no-one called him out til suddenly it became unacceptable to all their fans
  • @jimkhana007
    This is why Ricky Gervais’ last opening monologue at The Golden Globes was so good.
    He took the piss out of all of them and their lifestyles to their face and they still laughed 🤣😂🤣
  • Man the way Joe described the Hollywood actors after they gave Will the standing ovation is absolute truth. Ether they act and talk like props or they get abandoned and sanctioned by every production company s***t is hilarious 😂.
  • @KJ-kw7gh
    Chris Rock was so intelligent in how he handled the slap. He didn’t hit back, he didn’t start right away talking about it. He let the suspense build, let people get anxious to hear what he was going to say, and then have a special. He promoted this better than Don King. Man has made bank off a simple slap, and humiliated the man who did it and his bitch of a wife.
  • Well said. I personally thought that Chris showed a lot of restraint in the (live) special when he discussed Will and Jada and the slap. Just like some of the stuff that went through his head at the Oscars before he composed himself, Chris DID use a filter, and kept some things to himself. He was a Professional, (RESPECT) and Will’s extremely hard slap didn’t even make Chris’s knees buckle. He may be smaller than Will Smith, but he’s still pretty tough.
  • For Chris Rock to time this to coincide with the Oscars again was also a stroke of genius.
  • I still think Chris should have responded with "Damn! I have not been slapped that hard since August!"