Rich Homie Quan - Risk Takers (Official Music Video)

Published 2022-09-21

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  • I just want to see rich homie quan make the biggest comeback 🔥🐐🤞🏿we still here
  • @KARS215
    Hearing Quan’s voice takes me back to a very good time in my life 2014. I definitely want to see him win again.
  • @reallll2778
    This is hard af if he keeps making songs like this he will definitely make a comeback
  • @dezzydayy4608
    I can appreciate how true RHQ has stayed to himself over there years 🙏🏾✍🏾
  • I never stopped listening to Rich Homie 💪🏾 happy to see bruh climbing back to the top .. he never sold his soul like these fake rappers out here 🗣️
  • It took him a lot of pain, blood, sweat and tears to get where he is❤️🔥we hear you QUAN.
  • @bigquando830
    I'm so glad to see one of my favorite rappers back in the game Rich Homie Quan never disappoints and he's going to make an epic comeback #RHQ4Life
  • Being confident and humble makes real hip hop music this what we been missing 🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥💥
  • @CertifiedGiver999
    Been having this on repeat all day homie will never stop going in , quan always had the talent this just another one
  • @Amanda-1999
  • Rich Homie is elevating lyrically and song selection wise. Keep going Quan. I wish you a second round of success, brother.
  • Been rocking with Quan since day one glad to see the homie back keep grinding and doing your thang
  • @AD-V
    My big homie……you kept grinding 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐
  • @Nicole-xw1di
    He’s back and making sure the world knows it 💪🏾🤞🏾