How WARDENS Took Over A 1.19 Minecraft Server...

Published 2022-02-12
Using WARDENS To Take Over This 1.19 Server, using WARDENS to trap the server owner and enemies on the smp. Here's how...

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Like ParrotX2 videos and the LifeSteal SMP, a Minecraft Server Not like Dream SMP or Tommyinnit or Technoblade or any other Dream SMP members. This SMP is like LifeStealSMP and OneTrySMP, this is the hardest Minecraft Sever ever! and it is also a lore-based server in the MCYT community. I hope you enjoy this video, a true Minecraft hardcore server. Not only that, this server has the elements of school SMP and lifesteal SMP, but everything is Hardcore. This is a Hardcore SMP server.

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WildSMP members in this video! ‪@WenzoYT‬ ‪@SpriteMC‬ ‪@Aspire.‬

0:00 Using WARDENS To Take Over This 1.19 Server...
4:03 Sponsor
4:53 Using WARDENS To Take Over This 1.19 Server...

Pvp content inspired by Dream, Technoblade and TommyInnit from the DreamSMP. I am a member of the 1.19 WildSMP, set up by SpriteMC.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that, This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin, This was absolutely insane, 1.16 challenge and insanely funny, or any other 100 day challenge like that. This is a 100 days hardcore survival of Minecraft with Luke TheNotable and Forge Labs but 100 Players Created Civilization In The Amplified World In 100 Days Minecraft and Here’s What Happened.

A Minecraft video made by Freshlol or FR3shlol on other platforms! Enjoy!
#minecraft #smp #1.19 #wildsmp

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    please leave a like if you enjoyed, and SUBSCRIBE!
  • @WenzoYT
    Wardens are Easily the Scariest Minecraft Mob!
  • @tazoh
    fresh is just built different
  • @lewination210
    Mojang : keeps adding more caves Five years later : only one layer of grass left Edit : thanks for the likes, i never got this many before :)
  • @Suutloops
    This is the craziest trap in all of Minecraft!
  • @PolariteMC
    Wild SMP > Lifesteal SMP, Loving the Videos Fresh :D
  • @Next044
    Honestly sprite should dug a 1x1 hole quickly and escape that was so dumb he was fighting against them
  • @Xfrtrex
    Yooooooooo glad you like our mod, although can you please credit it in the description? thank you!
  • @gamer_ty_a1070
    Nice job let’s go I’ve actually tried out 1.19 and it’s cool
  • @jak3th766
    cool to see you getting sponsored now. I remember when you had 1 thousand and had a public smp you were small them but now you are growing fast and your vids are much higher quality I love to see it keep up the great videos. :)