Published 2024-06-12
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Round-Based Zombies is back! Black Ops 6 will launch with two brand-new Round-Based Zombie maps – Terminus and Liberty Falls – and a continuation of the intriguing and terrifying Dark Aether narrative that was started in Black Ops Cold War. Hordes of the undead are set to rampage through these brand-new locations, each offering countless hours of fast-paced action where power-ups are plentiful, but you’re never more than a few seconds away from being overwhelmed and devoured! For newcomers, Zombies is Treyarch’s unique take on a cooperative player experience where you face off against vast mobs of zombified creatures, with the bulk being the recently deceased, now animated due to strange, eldritch forces. Expect every location you visit to be packed with powerful weapons, new and returning power-ups, a pantheon of revolting entities to face, and a host of secrets and easter eggs to discover.

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0:23 - All Confirmed Details
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All Comments (21)
  • @MrDalekJD
    What are some of your biggest concerns with Black Ops 6 Zombies from the tiny amount we’ve seen/heard so far?
  • @gaiusperson8704
    Its nice to hear dalek no longer on suicide watch feom how depressed he sounded on MW3
  • @phdphill1651
    I hope the classic point system comes back. Shooting the zombie in the leg 8 times then knifing was the best way to get points in early rounds.
  • @thesteveman2012
    things I'm worried about 1. mystery box being useless again 2. crafting system is lame 3. too obvious ee steps 4. armor system doesn't belong in zombies
  • @cadencass848
    Don’t care about bigger and better just wanna go back to the way it was lmao
  • @lFunGuyl
    Yes just give us BO3 style zombies! 😁
  • @innergenichiro
    I was hoping for them to remove salvage and crafting tables, because i think zombies just shouldnt drop anything other than powerups and maybe some parts. I want the old crafting system back like bo3 and bo4.
  • @current3109
    Things that don’t belong in zombies: 1) armor system 2) weapon rarity/tiers 3) no default starter pistol 4) useless mystery box 5) easy Easter egg steps 6) lackluster Easter egg cutscenes 7) bland map that lacks that zombies charm
  • @Mihvuh
    they have to remove the loadouts, leaving the mystery box useless I hate zombies it's not multiplayer.
  • @DBLaury
    This might be the only reason I’ll get this game . Multiplayer let me down years ago
  • @DawesS655
    I like how Cold War is just the standard previous zombies experience because of the disappointment of vanguard and mw3
  • I still hop on and play bo3 every now and again if this is anything like bo3 zombies it will be amazing but zombies went downhill after bo3 so hopefully they can turn that sround and make bo6 zombies amazing!
  • @ItsJ40
    I swear if we don’t get double tap back
  • @mrmeownandez732
    I'll be honest this doesn't have me excited maybe I'm numb to zombies hype at this point after all the disappointment
  • @Kevn808
    Sprinting being full directional.. or however you’d word that.. is crazy and I love it
  • @GogitaSS4
    Love your videos, man would you be able to fix the forsaken Easter egg hunt video/stream it stops playing halfway through