Opening a case of Spongebob Dissectibles! (Opening 12!)

Published 2021-07-27
These are by far the creepiest Spongebob collectible I've ever seen! They're called Spongebob Dissectibles! Where every figure you find is split in half, revealing inside of the body! These came all the way from Singapore, and I'm beyond excited to be opening an entire case! There's 3 rare figures to collect! Hopefully I find them!

Thanks for watching! :)

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  • @BrentTV
    These are pretty cool! What do you all think?! Have a great night everyone!
  • @vesh
    Brent is literally the king of rare toys at this point
  • @Zackarryyy
    "F" is for friends who do stuff together, "U" is for you and me! "N is for AHHHHHHHHHGHGHUGHUGHUAAAUGH Edit, a year later: Was looking at my notifications while watching another video rn, saw a reply on my comment that I forgot about (this comment) and noticed 350 likes. Thank you everyone, I've never gotten more than MAYBE 3 or 4 like on a joke that wasn't funny, and now this one has 350, I am very thankful 😀
  • @Trey_816
    "Bold and brash? More like belongs in the trash!" Favorite line in SpongeBob.
  • @TAACS100
    " N is for AAAAAAAAAAA"... I don't think it is...
  • @berky9429
    Brents famous saying “There so creepy but I love it”
  • I’m happy to see someone obsessed with the same things as me!
  • @Sparklyst4rs
    When Brent’s happy : S C R E A M when Brent’s mad : S C R E A M
  • @C4rr0t5oup
    Brent: "no doubles yet" Spongebob disectabiles: "imma ruin this dudes whole career"
  • @Nezuko815
    this is the best video ever vest youtube ever:yt::hand-pink-waving::hand-purple-blue-peace:👍👍
  • @uglyfatbitch1.0
    I was so scared that he wouldn’t post today, but luckily he did.
  • @kirbyfan1844
    6:10 Who wouldn't want two handsome Squidwards, HE IS JUST SO HANDSOME
  • @Joshtell0013
    "No doubles yet" -Soon to be disappointed Brent
  • @Annesentin27.
    Brent you are the best and so funny ❣️♥️❣️