Opening a case of Spongebob Dissectibles! (Opening 12!)

Published 2021-07-27
These are by far the creepiest Spongebob collectible I've ever seen! They're called Spongebob Dissectibles! Where every figure you find is split in half, revealing inside of the body! These came all the way from Singapore, and I'm beyond excited to be opening an entire case! There's 3 rare figures to collect! Hopefully I find them!

Thanks for watching! :)

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  • BrentTV
    These are pretty cool! What do you all think?! Have a great night everyone!
  • Mr.shadow freddy
    I like the way every time he says no doubles yet he gets a double lol 😂
  • GomVorder79
    Whenever he sees a rare thing that he can get on the box, he immediately buys them
  • *Sammie*
    This one made me smile! Love it! Keep the good work up!😂😆
  • Bhaven Persaud
    This dude is going to have a million dollar collection of rare toys
  • Jazmine
    I’m happy to see someone obsessed with the same things as me!
  • Syeda Sarah
    I always enjoy Brent's video's like EVERYONE DOES!
  • GhostKitty
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that SpongeBob isn’t just for childhood, but for life
  • Duck
    I was so scared that he wouldn’t post today, but luckily he did.
  • Fartimations
    Brent is literary the king of rare toys at this point
  • Deborah Lemery
    You should do a impression video of SpongeBob characters! It'd be so cool! 🤪
  • Amanda Malpass
    I just like the fact that he never gives up on anything
  • Heyson
    This man has serious dedication to collectibles!