GAME OF THE YEAR??? Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

Published 2022-11-13

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  • The fact that Diggs' one handed catch was the second best catch of the day is insane.
  • Liza_Official
    As a vikings fan this game was the biggest emotional roller coaster ive had in so long. Ive watched that fumble 20 times and my heart still skips a beat.
  • Sloth
    What a call from Moose and Co. Give Pat P his gold jacket!!
  • Kedo
    Throughout this video I was wondering how in the world did the Vikings win this game. That 4th quarter and overtime was insane. Hats off to both teams.
  • dj
    the fact that patrick peterson has been this good for this long… man he doesn’t get enough praise
  • This is by the far the game of the year. I don't think the superbowl would be as exciting as this game. I'm a Seahawks fan but love to see cousins having a great game.
  • Gregory Post
    The fact that that crazy 4 & 18 catch by Jefferson only marked the BEGINNING of the insanity is incredible.
  • Radi0activeF0x
    I'm a Vikings fan, and the only words to describe this game is "One hell of a roller coaster." I remember in OT when bills were in the redzone and we were up 3 points, I was so pissed. I thought we did all that work for nothing, but as soon as I thought that, Patrick Peterson made the game winning pick. I could not describe how happy I felt. GG Bills fans, very close game.
  • Wade
    The final part about it being a heavyweight bout and Minnesota delivering the knockout blow damn near moves me to tears. Such a crazy game. I’m not used to seeing the defense play like this. Not since 2017
  • rfrink23
    There is something special about this Vikings team. They don’t blow anyone out and they make every game overly-interesting! But they just keep winning. Credit to the new head coach, Kevin O’Connell. I love this guy! Will they win the Super Bowl? I’d be surprised. But this team has done a LOT of surprising things already.
  • Charles Packwood
    Most amazing & exciting game I have EVER seen in my life! Bills: finesse, execution & speed. Vikings: all guts and determination. The fact that the Vikings seemed the underdog throughout... makes them them my "never-say-die" champs so far this year... and I'm a Patriot's fan. You go Minnesota! You go!
  • IndieMan !
    That commentator was brilliant with this game. His excitement and his calls gave me chills multiple times.
  • SowingShade
    I'm no fan of the Vikings, or the Bills for that matter, but seeing Jefferson, Peterson, and even Hunter out there doing what they do best puts a huge smile on my face. Geaux Tigers.
  • Carter Childs
    The energy from Joe Davis’ commentary makes this game feel even more epic than it already is.
  • Andre Miti
    By far the game of the year. Jefferson's catches were insane. I swear my heart dropped on that last Vikings TD.
  • どちらのチームも最後まで諦めない気持ちがすごく伝わってきました。
  • Lord Martin
    From game of the year vs the Bills to the blow out of the year vs the Cowboys 😹. Love to see it!
  • Sorrin Thadick
    Both teams played hard and fought to the end. I'm happy the vikings won and Buffalo should hold their heads up high for playing such an intense game.