FULL MATCH - John Cena vs. The Miz – WWE Title “I Quit” Match: WWE Over the Limit 2011

Published 2020-05-23
John Cena and The Miz are forced to push each other over the limit in an “I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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All Comments (21)
  • @abdul4360
    Only 2000s kid's can understand how much we love John Cena.❤😊
  • It took The Miz 24 mins to try to beat Cena up with everything and still didn’t make him quit. It took Cena 45 seconds of a beating and made The Miz quit. This is why Cena will forever be a legend, he truly lives up to what he believes in “Never Give Up”!!! 💯💯
  • @user-iy8ck4qe9d
    Respect Jhon Cena . Respect for him all the pain he gone through he’s a legend.
  • @MargVelasquez
    WWE nunca mas sera lo mismo sin Jhon Cena duela a quien le Duela ❤ La Cabra💫🐐💥
  • @YashKumar-qf2cc
    Nobody can be like him, "Never Give Up" not just motivational words his life revolves around it undoubtedly inspirational, true ambassador of Hustle Loyalty and Respect most loved and the greatest superstar of all time 💯❤️
  • Cena went through a damn lot of pain. But he never gave up. That is the kind of motivation we should all have. One of the most beautiful aspects of this match is the fact that Cena, even after being asked countless times, did not quit. But John only had to ask Miz once. That's what respect means. I respect you Cena.
  • Cena is loved by some hated by others but everyone knows he will never quit
  • @istiaksabuj5324
    This match never get old...I still can remember it was 2011 and I was 12 years old and my younger brother was 9 years old,we were chanting for Cena in front of our Tv...our cousin was more than 30 even he was more serious than us for Cena...After beating Miz we were dancing and didn’t know that was scripted😑😑❤️❤️
  • @bapinisahoo5009
    In WWE , no one has the patience like John Cena ever.....I said 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍
  • @gunzkillr2436
    John Cena is basically the face of WWE. He never gives up and keeps fighting as long as he can.

    The Miz is an amazing fighter too. He strategically looked for ways who turn the match to his favor. He found a loop to the no rule to make it a 2v1. And he offeres Cena the option to quit before each beatdown, offering him an out.

    But when he tried to cheat to win at the end, I lost a lot of respect for him. At the very least have honor as a wrestler. I'm half surprised he wasn't disqualified right there
  • @nokwazit6231
    WWE is never the same without Cena the legend of legends
  • @ninjanirja1987
    Cena is strong from all three-motivation, physical strength, and mental strength.
    Respect to John Cena
  • This just made me respect John cena even more, he’s a legend and he will never give up on anything, more respect to him.
  • @valencepoison
    2 against 1, took a MASSIVE beating & he still won. Love Cena or hate him, he is a legend and a future hall of famer.