Roblox Music Video ♪ "Stronger" (The Bacon Hair)

Published 2021-01-01

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  • TheFatRat
    How comes I only see this now?! This is so good!
  • HiddenLevel
    Bro I remember a year ago I was obsessed with these videos and “The Bacon Hair” and it was really fun and cool to watch. I would watch these music videos on loop multiple times waiting for the next part to come out. I come back to this video a year later to find that the music video he made out of clips from his animation beat out all his other animations like The Last Guest, which was revolutionary. Even though he might not be working on these anymore, we have to remember all the work he put in these. Congrats on the million likes, you deserve it.
  • B Visca
    I loved this song. The editing is beyond perfect.
  • Nancy Ogoan
    This is amazing and really shows that bacon's are strong and don't have to be treated badly (some)
  • kristianLegoFan
    The fact that this got over 3x the amount of views than the original song is insane
  • ObliviousHD
    [edit] 100 million views wtf thanks guys ♡
  • Patricia Stamm
    Let’s clap for how much work he did it matches perfectly
  • Journey Star
  • Karen Calayo
    Omg I found your video I watched this a few years ago and it was amazing 🤩
  • ItzAnimeBoi
    Never give up bacons we'll always be there to support y'all
  • KiyarA
    Magifcent work! The facial expressions are really good! Your videos make my day I have been watching this series like 100 times already and it never gets old. Credits to who made the facial expressions.
  • mr granger
    i love the animation but this video kinda made me cry of sadness but i know you worked hard for this video and its amazing keep up the good work
  • lilys aesthetix
    i have no words. It was flawless!! I am showing this to everyone. What a great support of bacons!
  • user
    Nostalgic childhood seeing this beautiful video and his movies. Keep going good through my friend. 🫡
  • Over a year after their last music video, they're back! Finally!

    This was really well animated from start to finish, from movements, to expressions, to set design, etc. It was fun to watch, the cinematography was really fun at times, and the action was nice as well. The original song is also a welcome change from other videos.

    Overall, this video more than satisfied someone like myself who loves stuff like this. I'd have to give this a 9/10, the only gripes I have with it is how the ending feels slightly lackluster. Sure, we see beat his enemies, but he doesn't beat the game...which is kinda the point of running.

    Nice work Andy and co, looking forward to the Security Breach video! Let's hope it's better than the actual game haha