Ages 1 - 100 Fight For $500,000

Published 2023-05-27
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All Comments (21)
  • @MrBeast
    We spent millions of dollars and months working on this video, I hope you all liked it 😊
  • @Howieazy
    It’s crazy how honestly won the game!
  • The best two people made it to the final. I'm glad 52 got 10k and a Disney trip.
  • @GingerPale
    im 10 seconds in and he put a baby in a cube
  • @jessie1564
    I’m glad that both last finalist were actually good heart some people.
  • @zxvShane
    The 100 year-old was so wholesome. He deserved $10,000.
  • @unknownedleaf
    i’m just gonna say it, so glad 54 is out. 52 was so sweet in the marble game and 40 was so wholesome as well
  • @Mike-19940
    It's good to see that integrity and honesty won here in a world where usually corruption brings the most money home
  • Mr.Beast your so sweet letting the man see his daughter for her birthday 🥳
  • @Kaubak0
    40 is such a great example to his daughter. The last 2 contestants make you believe there's still hope in this world. This has been so entertaining. Props to Mr. Beast!
  • @lazyluck6876
    54 is the definition of the villain that made the game interesting and played really well but lost because of his own ego
  • Mr Beast letting the guy meet his daughter was so wholesome...totally love Mr Beast and his videos
  • @Onyinyeajala
    The winner said the truth and also got the money. He was very honest 👏
  • @caprisun9033
    54 is the greatest antagonist in any storyline, he is such a well written villain, after his council of 50 year olds were gone and he got voted off he accepted defeat because he had already won by voting off all of his enemies.
  • The last two contestants played the LIAR GAME, and winning a liar game with honesty is what would a protagonist in a movie would do
  • @srcamera
    The 10 year olds dad conforting his child when they got out was so