BLEU & Nicki Minaj - Love In The Way (Official Video)

Published 2022-09-19

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  • Nicki Minaj
    Can we get into the beauty of these women???? The calm flex? The understated EXCELLENCE????? REGAL MEETS RUNWAY????? The men as well!!!!
  • musicalbops TV
    Yung Bleu and Nicki Minaj definitely have a hit with this one. They effortlessly blend together and sound amazing. Both of their vocals are just beautiful here. No gimmicks, just genuine talent and good music. 11/10 for me
  • chlo chlo
    BLEU’S voice will do it for me every single time
  • BlaQMADI
    I see Bleu is really into the South African sound and culture 🔥🔥 very much appreciated 🖤💯
  • sehhi vooty
    Amazing!!! Bleu’s evolution as an artist just in 4 years is crazy. And I expected nothing less from Nicki she always delivers
  • Nicki Minaj
    Can we get into the BEAUTY of these women???? The RICH yet smooth SLAY?!??!!! I’m absolutely in love with this casting. 🔟🔟🔟 all across the board!!!!! 🗣💙💪🏾🫶🏽
  • Loving the African , Caribbean and Afromerican admixture into this! And I hear amapiano 🇿🇦 in this I think too.
  • I'm starting to like this song more and more. The video makes it hit even harder, what talent! Nicki never stops providing us with top-notch songs. She has incredible talent. BLEU understood precisely what he was doing when he wrote this, and Queen Nicki obviously knew what she was up to when she hopped on it. indeed!
  • Erica Marie
    Nicki never disappoints 💯 She always delivers 🙌 I love her on this song 🎵 They sounded very well and compliment each other perfectly 🥰 💞
  • Tausi Koko
    Barbs, this song slaps.. so let’s get it chart cause they both deserve it!
  • koiun dwrru
    Nick ñ compete com ninguém ela é talento em pessoa🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿
  • chunbrella
    Nicki Minaj is the Queen. Her versatility is unmatched in this industry. We are so proud of you, Nicki! 15 years in DOMINATING. Keep shining mother. 💛
  • Rosemoneii
    Love this verse , real , nothing extra just simply beauty 🙌🏽 nicki
  • bcvbb hyui
    This ain't the type a song you give one listen trust me, it grows on you timely its definitely a hit.
  • Tilda 2018
    I never thought I needed this collab......but this is superb!! The queen herself this is a hit.
  • Tiarra Butler
  • Utopian Waves
    Nicki don’t just deserve flowers, she deserves a whole garden a whole meadow worth of them 🥺
  • la Belle
    This song is a beautiful masterpiece