Is Buzzfeed OK? (ft. Drew Gooden)

Published 2022-08-04
No, really, is Buzzfeed okay? Drew Gooden and I take a maddeningly tough quiz that asks a simple question: is this a real Buzzfeed Quiz, or not? Tell us how you did in the comments below to make us feel even worse!

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All Comments (21)
  • avi saks
    I’m glad Drew let Jack publish a video onto YouTube. Being the owner of YouTube is a tricky job.
  • E.D.
    Jack really stepped up the production value for the effects in his father and son react videos.
  • dallimino
    love Drew Gooden, so glad you managed to capture him and keep him in a human-sized cage to make this video possible
  • GoodNewsGeek
    Bruh Drew's strategy of just copying every answer of Jack's once he was one point ahead to guarantee a win just completely fucked with me I can't believe that's never occurred to me before
  • Arkeiou
    Love seeing the only small content creator on YouTube collaborate with the voices in his head
  • The Shire
    I can't believe Drew didn't mention that he's a Buzzfeed question. Not a joke, "are you a Drew Gooden or Danny Gonzales" is an actual Buzzfeed quiz
  • Or luria
    As fun as this collab is I think seeing Erin and Amanda let out of their cages to make a video would be far more awesome
  • Dr. K
    So glad you collabed with ScoliosisKing! Glad his yogurt didn’t send him to hell
  • Heisenberg
    It only takes someone like jack to remind buzzfeed still actually exists.
  • Nice of Jack to give exposure to up and coming Twitch streamer ScoliosisKing! What a generous man!
  • Yup Yup
    It's great to see that Jacksfilms has forgiven Danny Gonzalez for stealing his dogs' name and now has made a video with him.
  • TheKewlPerson
    Jackfilm finally made a film with the only channel on Youtube! About time you'd think he'd have done it sooner considering there's only one.
  • Xenosplitter
    For quizzes like this, maybe it'd work better to have contestants reveal their answer at the same time? Maybe have people write it on a piece of paper? I feel like the idea that "you picked yes, so I'll pick no" kinda reduces some of the fun
  • Stereotype
    So glad to see Drew doing a collab with the second channel on YouTube
  • Leo Guidi
    I would pretend that I didn’t know this was coming, but you’ve been tickling my spine with this collab for about a month
  • queenvie808
    They bounce off eachother so well, they should really do more collabs
  • ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ
    first supermega now drew??? jack's out here collabing with people i had no idea he knew... very cool to see the youthful side of youtube supporting a senior citizen
  • b
    WAIT drew and jack don't even know abt the "pick _ and we'll give you ___" phenomena in buzzfeed quizzes? this feels like untapped YIAY potential
  • Dreamy
    Maybe instead of just yes/no you could do a confidence level.
    So for example if one of the contestants is 75% sure it's real, they get 75 points if it's real and 25 if it isn't.
    This way you don't have the issue of picking the opposite every round to keep things interesting, which I noticed comes up in all of these you've done.
    Though the actual game aspect isn't really the focus of these videos anyway, thought I'd throw the idea out there in case you wanted to make it a bit more game-like.
  • Dippy
    I never thought Jack and Danny would collab