$1425 vs $13 Fettuccine Alfredo: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

Published 2022-08-04
Professional chef instructor Frank Proto and home cook extraordinaire Emily are trading Fettuccine Alfredo recipes and hitting the kitchen for a cheesy showdown. We sent Emily an eye-popping $1,425 worth of supplies - everything she’d need to make Frank's decadent recipe, cheese wheel and all. Meanwhile, a modest $13 worth of ingredients was sent back the other way for Frank to finesse into something elevated in his style. Food scientist Rose dialed in to assist our dear Emily with a few questions she had along the way. Which Fettuccine Alfredo has you saying "Molto bene?"

Check out chef Frank on his YouTube Channel, ProtoCooks!
Follow him on Instagram at @protocooks
Keep up with Emily on her YouTube channel at youtube.com/emilyduncan and on Instagram at @emilyslamduncan
Rose is on Instagram at @rosemarytrout_foodscience

Director: Cory Cavin
Director of Photography: Joel Kingsbury
Editor: Morgan Dopp
Talent: Frank Proto
Talent: Emily Duncan

Sr. Culinary Director: Kelly Janke
Producer: Isabel Alcantara
Culinary Producer: Yekaterina Boytsova
Culinary Associate Producer: Jessica Do
Line Producer: Jennifer McGinity
Associate Producer: Alicia Aswat
Production Manager: Janine Dispensa
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hymes

Camera Operator: Colton Huynh
Audio: Rachel Suffian
Production Assistant: Kayla Zimmerman

Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter
Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araújo
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward
Graphics Supervisor: Ross Rackin
Graphics, Animation, VFX: Léa Kichler

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All Comments (21)
  • Rice
    “This is definitely on the simple side. With a little work, I can make it very difficult” 😂
  • Parrhesia
    Frank's gone absolutely mad and I love every second.
  • A W
    Emily saw that giant wheel and immediately knew her pro was Frank 😂
  • Ryan
    Some time they should do the swap with two pro chefs like Esther and Frank, or Palak, and see what they do with each other's absurd ingredients. They would probably be very happy getting to actually make something extravagant.
  • Bernhard Langers
    I have been watching this show from day one and I only have one thing to say: Emily, I'm very proud of how accomplished in the kitchen you have become. Honorary level 2 in my book.
  • The Northie
    If Lorenzo was there, he’d be freaking out about that cheese the entire episode.
  • Anahid Kassabian
    Frank is the chef equivalent of a mad scientist, and I'm here for it. All day. Emily, you need to stop talking about yourself the way you do. Anyone who has made fresh pasta more than once, and who is concerned aout the difference in size between fettucine and tagliatelle is not just some ordinary home chef. Ok, you're not Frank, but you got it going on, girl. Be proud! ;)
  • Ok, hear me out. My fan theory is Emily is secretly a Level 3 chef but she's having so much fun as a Level 1 that she won't give it up 😂
  • Kit
    I want an episode where Rose cooks, and explains the science as she goes along and then all our favorite cooks sit down for a family meal to taste it.
  • Linda Freeman
    "I don't want to disappoint the cheese; I want to respect the cheese." WORDS TO LIVE BY! All hail the cheese!!
  • Jay J
    This is wonderful. They could do a series of Frank and Emily cook together. It would be mad and fantastic.
  • 물건
    the way Frank guessed exactly 13.50 is wild
  • ktvindicare
    lmao. Emily + Frank is an instant click, I don't even need to know what they're making.
  • Crude Culinary
    The home cooks always look MORTIFIED when they get the insanely expensive ingredients 😂
  • chilibreath
    For food science: how many times can one make alfredo pasta in a wheel of parmesan cheese before it's time to call it quits? Emily is set for alfredo-eating life
  • stephen zambrano
    Ok hold up I think even for frank this has to be over the top. I mean I get he made and nurtured that cheese but holy crap.
  • Sara P
    Can we please talk about the staff moving Frank's 80 pound cheese baby? 😂