I Joined the Rust Army (Movie)

Published 2022-09-30
I could have never prepared myself for the full experience.
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Thank you to all the cinematic actors who helped portray the events that occurred during Twitch Rivals.

Recorded on Official Twitch Rivals server

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All Comments (21)
  • @FrawztYT
    A lot of work put into this video, I hope you can take the time to watch it all the way through as it really does get absolutely insane. This experience was so much fun!
    Play War Thunder now with my link and get a massive, free bonus pack including vehicles, boosters and more! playwt.link/frost
  • He turned a turnoment into a full story arc with actual character development. What a god
  • The ending was actually sad. The happiness of having won but realizing you haven’t played with someone you loved playing with is heartbreaking.
  • Oh god thank you for making the only watchable version of twitch rivals. Everything else was so chaotic and hard to watch. I really appreciate you making this and sticking to your point of view and not just videos of big teams rushing things. You actually showed the story as you saw it in the whole event
    Man hJune was like caprain America😀 His veteran skills and experience showed massively here. "Clear comms!" "Everybody stay calm" "Stay together as a team" "Get angles" "Dont let them push up without us knowing" To the whole NA team hats down and you mr. Frost, you are a legend for making such high level content 🙂
  • @Willjum
    Team willjum had wobbles, jordan and enardo, i seriously dont know how we didnt win smh
  • @sacredsnd2446
    the amount of editing and hard work into this man big props keep it up with the content
  • @korverdemma8879
    I will never play Rust, I don’t have enough time in my life to commit to the game. That being said this video was an absolute masterpiece. The scoring, the gameplay, the character arcs it all came together so nicely! Frost is the one YouTuber now I can turn to every couple of months and know I will be completely entertained for the next 2 hours. One of the best content creators on this app, and like I said I don’t even play Rust.
  • @tinchue8124
    “Willjum of course this solo rat was out at night” what does bro have against will 😂🤣
  • This is why I watch so many perspectives of the same event. Both the unique experiences and creator styles can give you all sorts of different feelings when watching it from their POV. Frost making it both a cinematic entry into a dynamic multi-perspective highlight of best moments, and weaving a story throughout it WITH crying at the end?! That's what keeps bringing me back!! I hope you get your wipe with Coco soon, if not already.
  • Frost can make a story out of anything and can make anyone feel the true Emotion.
  • @KiraGaming
    I can’t believe out of 160 people my first death was to you, we really are SOUL MATES ❤
  • @vigagrade
    This is the best piece of YouTube content I have seen in a long time. The effort you put into this Frost is second to none and the storytelling editing and gameplay was pure entertainment from start to finish. Keep it up Chief and I wish Blooprint and Welyn made a surprise appearance. Till next time!
  • @xoby9454
    Your videos always give me the feeling of finishing off a tv show, happy to see the ending, but sad it ended...
  • @Travis10634
    From the storytelling, to the commentary, to the music, everything about this is just amazing. One of the best rust youtubers out there in my opinion.
  • @atamagashock
    What a perfect ending! I was hoping those two would meet at the end. Two goats of rust. And to see coco finally pull of the win in the last one, in such an epic fashion, just makes it all the more epic.
    This video is legendary. I can't imagine how hard it must have been. The storytelling was also a 10/10.

    Guess I'll watch your other vids :)