I Made 10 NEVER Seen LEGO Star Wars Minifigures…

Published 2022-11-26
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All Comments (21)
  • Rebel friend
    Someone please hire this man to work for Lego as a Minifigure designer
  • Dp Bricks
    Great video! Loved all the custom figs, just saying your sponsor is a scam, you can watch some vids and articles proving this
  • Jacob Holcomb
    I think it’s really weird that lego decided to make anakins ship from the 2d series but hasn’t made obvious figures that we need. They’re weird…
  • Boba O'Riley
    That Cal Kestis is probably the best Cal we’ll probably get. Would love if Lego ever did a Mantis ship build.
  • Ryan
    My favorite is the Saw Gerrera. Looks absolutely incredible and I think it would totally pass as an official figure! Actually funny how good it looks 😅
  • Brayden Page
    Palpatine actually had a full like 2 seconds in No Way Home all to himself.
  • ElDisablé
    5:00 yeah about that...
    legally, you are not recognised as a lord or lady because of how the souvenir plots work. Also, established titles does not have a headquarters, instead being ran by a parent company in Shanghai I think (it definitely wasn't in the UK at least). Basically, established titles is a bit of a scam for what they actually do (you're just paying for a tree to be planted basically, and for extra at that).

    Also quick edit: your plot number is likely not unique as the people who own the plots are not kept track of.
  • Saw Gerrera and Fives were the best figures by far. I think Dryden Vos would have looked better with the hair from the 2D Clone Wars Anakin, or one like that in a different color
  • Ironkul Gaming
    I think Saw was probably my favorite. I've been struggling to make an accurate minigun for my clone troopers, and i thought the one you made was perfect, but how did you get all of the binoculars on the gun piece? You should totally become a lego designer.
  • Sovierika
    If you're willing to use custom printed parts, there are places that have made the Rebel Fleet Trooper black vest with red shirt which would work for Nien Nunb. Furthermore, there are a set of red legs with black dual molded boot printing. Granted, brown boots would be more accurate, but that sadly doesn't exist as of yet.
  • Love that Cobb vanth minifigure, looks amazing plus the Palpatine is so sweet 👍
  • Argh JayEm
    07:23 the lower body skirt piece for the Helga Hufflepuff minifigure from the Hogwarts Castle set would be a better piece here I think, but expensive obviously. Or just a lower body skirt piece in dark brown 🤔🤷

    09:52 Yeah I agree, it was 😂
  • Yoda_832
    I love so much your "new" of content, I find it much more entertaining and more professional keep the good work
  • Edward The Man
    These minifigures were absolutely beautiful i would definitely buy them! The emperor palpatines arms could be replaced with black as he only has the red belt not arms in the rise of skywalker
  • Thank you for this video there’s a lot I agree that we need for collection builds I’m new I just subbed 🎉
  • Flutterc4t
    Jocasta nu (the old librarian who memed on obi-wan) is actually pretty intresting character if we exclude the movies. For example she was one of the few jedi to survive the initial order 66.
  • Nolan&Jordi
    Super ingenious video, with many ideas for Lego Star Wars. Thanks 👏👏
  • A C129
    Yeah why Lego would make a Admiral Raddus, General Merrick, and a bunch of other random characters you see for half a sec (looking at you Moroff) for Rogue One, but not a Saw Gerrera is beyond me.
  • Jayden
    So glad you made cal, I was wondering if there was a Lego of him