NVIDIA expects to get away with this...

Published 2022-09-21
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All Comments (21)
  • @VGMoney
    I hope AMD/Intel can really put up some competition so NVIDIA can't pull things like this
  • @fundude365
    Waiting to see what AMD can do.

    Might end up with a 100% team red system for the first time.
  • @mikeybee8739
    I'm actually excited to try out AMD's next GPU lineup for the first time
  • @Jawzzy
    You are absolutely right. They are just naming lower end cards to the next class and hope nobody would notice and in the same time increase the performance gap between classes, so they can later slot in the Ti versions. That 12GB 4080 is what the 4070 was supposed to be. I really think the blind greed got the better of them this time.
    We have insanely high prices, huge number of second hand cards flooding the market, now that the mining went tits up. Add to that the brutal increase in prices of things people actually need to survive and the insane power draw of these new cards. I think Nvidia will have a heck of a hard time moving the new cards this time around.
    A lot more people will pay attention to AMD's release this time around. AMD, if they have a good product, may be able to snatch a solid chunk of Nvidia's market share.
  • @llpolluxll
    This is the cycle. Honestly, I think it's a sign that AMD is going to put out something good. Nvidia wants to extract as much wealth from the system before their dominance wanes which ironically is going to push more people to the other side
  • You got that right. I remember when Nvidia 970 was advertised as a 4gb card. Really was a 3.5 gb. Class action law suit followed.
  • The price hikes and loss of EVGA are major deterrents to me going RTX 4000.
  • @wag-on
    Absolutely SPOT ON! I would definitely assume the same GPU chip being used - if the product is labelled as 'RTX 4080' with only a difference in on-board memory. Having the 'Ti' moniker I would expect performance variation from either clock/cores or both.
  • It will be interesting to see the performance comparison though, as I notice the cheaper 4080 has a higher clock rate, I wonder if it will work almost as well in some use cases as the more expensive version.
  • I was pretty stoked to buy a 4090 next month, but this is at least giving me second thoughts. Thanks for the insights!
  • @bassx101
    Micro Center is an excellent place to shop for electronics and pc builder enthusiast, so glad you have these guys as a sponsor. Good co op Jay 👍
  • Yep... I agree Jay. Not much worse than a company with good products to be out of touch with the average consumer. I am only guessing here, but I believe Nvidia are pricing a lot of their customers out of the GPU market. I skipped several generations because of prices, and it appears I will do it again.
  • I remember paying $400 for my 1070, those were the days. Even then i thought that was ridiculous. Nvidia is spitting on us these days.
  • @Xithar_tri
    This is the main reason why I buy only after reading not only initial reviews, but also the ones a month later, as well as waiting for enough user benchmarks to see how well the cards perform in RL.
    In regard of buying the fastest, most expensive card: I did this error once with the 1080. 3 month later the 2070 came out with mostly more performance in games and only around 2/3 of what I paid. So I did swear myself never again, usually now I'm not really looking at the numbers in the names much. Atm. i have a 2080 Super and a 3060 Ti (had to buy the 3060Ti when the 2080S had to be repaired after 1,5 years because of constant overheating). The 2080S performs a very small bit better, but the 3060 Ti uses less power, doesn't produce nearly as much (2/3) heat and runs much quieter, which is why this is now the card I'll be using till I get the itch to upgrade it again - which with such prices might need a looong time.
  • @bitsbfg1810
    We feel the same. It's come a long way since the NVIDIA SLI days and we wouldn't be surprised if the 4090 is shaved down to make the 4080 Ti fit and just name is that.
  • @Vash12788
    Saw this coming when they started selling so many cards during the pandemic that they couldn't keep them on shelves, even at double or triple MSRP. They made the stockholders really happy and now they have to find some way to keep making the same amount money or the stockholders get mad. A big change is coming, whether it's bad or good I don't know.
  • @yourstatistacs
    I'm really certain next go round I'll be going with AMD. I suckered into getting a 30 series cause I knew someone that worked at a bestbuy so he hooked me up and I stupidly impulse bought. Going to be a while until I get a new card cause I just got this but I'm pretty sure Imma be getting AMD as long as they keep playing their cards right.
  • @jamesk7256
    You know NVIDIA has become the enemy of the consumer when they announce "dropping GPU prices are a thing of the past" after years of dramatic price *inflation*.
  • The disparity in the number of cores was the first thing I noticed, especially when compared to the previous generation. Sure, the clocks are almost twice as fast, but with a significantly reduced number of cores, I’m not impressed. After seeing the specs, along with the pricing and availability of the 3080Ti right now, I picked up the current gen.