Four New Assassin's Creed Games Leaked...

Published 2023-03-05
New Assassin's Creed Games Leaked coming after Assassin's Creed Mirage (AC Mirage)
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00:00 Assassin's Creed Games Planned For 2023
01:12 Project Raid Leak
02:17 Assassin's Creed Invictus PVP?
02:56 AC Nebula With 3 Settings Leak
04:37 Assassin's Creed Echoes Multiplayer Leak
05:46 Full Assassin's Creed Yearly Release Schedule
7:44 The Problem With This Approuch
08:50 Positive Side Of This Tactic
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All Comments (21)
  • @turnthere
    The Hexe one sounds the most interesting to me. The setting sounds really cool and the trailer was spooky. It would be cool if it was a darker game.
  • My main concern is if they will develop the story properly. I hope it's as interacting and interesting as the original trilogy
  • @ddddavyy8383
    We haven't even had one of the four games that where shown off to us last year and yet here we are with more games being leaked...I fear Ubisoft are at this point just milking the IP for as much revenue as possible and cranking out nothing games
  • I Don't mind a yearly release schedule but i do think they should take it one game at a time. have a release, do some post launch for it, finish everything with that game before you release the next. last thing i won't is 2 or 3 AC games having active live service at once
  • An Aztec empire AC would be epic and hexe is a really cool setting too I’m always shocked on how creative Ubisoft can be on the AC titles
  • @jasminatounsi
    I would LOVE the mediterrean part to focus on north africa, how amazing would it be to see the berbers or even the carthage era
  • ubisoft now the assassin creed studio lol, thats not a bad thing i love assassin's creed
  • I don’t think their actually working on those games, they were just pitched at a meeting and we’re talked about but it don’t mean they will actually do every single one they talked about
  • I hope that by Mediterranean they mean the Greek revolution of 1821. It was one of the most important historical moments of Europe and it will make a nice setting for assassin's creed!
  • @koust6032
    Man they should really just focus on hexe and mirage and just drop all these other projects for now shit's overwhelming
  • I've been Dying for a Aztec/Mayan Creed since the teases in Liberations so i'm interested in that everything i could pass on. Mirage is the true TEST so we'll see, so HYPED for it one of my most anticipated games of 2023. Glad they're trying India and China again with Jade and the Nebula titles as Chronicles wasnt mainstream or could ever dream to deliver the rich maps/cultures of the respected countries plus if they're more of the mythology creeds that could work better as Bigger games.
  • @LV-42679
    Hexe being an Uncharted like and semi-open world sounds pretty cool, I hope that's what Clint Hocking and the team in Montreal are cooking up.
  • @dannyboy3735
    I want a Azteca AC game so bad but I want it to be alone not with 2 other settings, that would be an amazing time period and place to play in
  • @NimbusV
    Since the Ubisoft Forward event I am super excited for AC Hexe. I wish they could just scramble the timeline and release Hexe sooner. Naturally, I'm interested in playing the other games as well, but AC in the witch hunt era is the most interesting to me, followed by the Aztec theme.
  • While I definitely see and agree somewhat on the worries about cannibalizing the other games. I think what Ubi is aiming for is that there will be people that may not like the PVP AC but will definitely hop in and play the PvE one with friends and stay in that world for a while.
  • 1:15 I was more excited to see a mini map instead of a compass than I was to hear that there were 4 more games coming
  • I feel like nebula might be a relatively smaller game with taking control of one character probably from Mediterranean travelling to Azteca and India. Considering they worked on rogue perhaps some kind of navel gameplay as well.
  • @ether725
    Mirage, Red, Nebula. Those Mayan/ Aztec gear arts look crazy fire, tha Jag Pelt, & tha Eagle/ feathered armor look real nice.
  • I think there’s several problems with what they’re planning. First, I hope they develop the story, and the story coincides with the other games and they all make sense I know in the past they’ve absolutely butchered the lore. I think people are just gonna be overloaded by assassin’s creed, and then they might not want to plant since they don’t have the time or money to play three a C game simultaneously.