Four New Assassin's Creed Games Leaked...

Published 2023-03-05
New Assassin's Creed Games Leaked coming after Assassin's Creed Mirage (AC Mirage)
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00:00 Assassin's Creed Games Planned For 2023
01:12 Project Raid Leak
02:17 Assassin's Creed Invictus PVP?
02:56 AC Nebula With 3 Settings Leak
04:37 Assassin's Creed Echoes Multiplayer Leak
05:46 Full Assassin's Creed Yearly Release Schedule
7:44 The Problem With This Approuch
08:50 Positive Side Of This Tactic
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All Comments (21)
  • My main concern is if they will develop the story properly. I hope it's as interacting and interesting as the original trilogy
  • @trevorpotts1763
    An Aztec empire AC would be epic and hexe is a really cool setting too I’m always shocked on how creative Ubisoft can be on the AC titles
  • @youtuber35608
    The Hexe one sounds the most interesting to me. The setting sounds really cool and the trailer was spooky. It would be cool if it was a darker game.
  • I love the open world rpg ones. I can see why they want to do something like mirage where it’s more grounded and similar to older titles, but I love these games so much, giant open worlds make the games replaysble for me so I hope red is great but I’m worried they’re diversifying way too much from their core gameplays
  • @danbruechert3093
    While I definitely see and agree somewhat on the worries about cannibalizing the other games. I think what Ubi is aiming for is that there will be people that may not like the PVP AC but will definitely hop in and play the PvE one with friends and stay in that world for a while.
  • @randomaussie8498
    I Don't mind a yearly release schedule but i do think they should take it one game at a time. have a release, do some post launch for it, finish everything with that game before you release the next. last thing i won't is 2 or 3 AC games having active live service at once
  • Nebula could be interesting, if it is to be all 3 locations I would imagine they are linked by something like a piece of Eden so we see this singular piece in the hands of various characters and we follow the journey of the apple or whatever it is. I would like to just see a whole game for the Aztec/Mayan empire
    Hexe is the project I am most excited for, witch trials is a perfect setting for AC
  • @jackmelvin2197
    I think there’s several problems with what they’re planning. First, I hope they develop the story, and the story coincides with the other games and they all make sense I know in the past they’ve absolutely butchered the lore. I think people are just gonna be overloaded by assassin’s creed, and then they might not want to plant since they don’t have the time or money to play three a C game simultaneously.
  • @HadesPlays03
    Very overwhelming in a way, I'm nervous that they are throwing ideas out to soon I wish they would do some RPG type and some more story driven with smaller maps. I prefer a more story driven Assassin's vs Templar type story even a game like AC origins was actually really well thought out I thought, Odyssey was a little to much and story wasn't as appealing to me and Valhalla while the Creed is in the game and you hunt down the order it's just not the same to me I mean Evior didn't even really consider becoming an assassin because of the Viking beliefs and lifestyle she\he had. Just my opinion and thoughts so if you disagree that's more then fine.
  • I've been Dying for a Aztec/Mayan Creed since the teases in Liberations so i'm interested in that everything i could pass on. Mirage is the true TEST so we'll see, so HYPED for it one of my most anticipated games of 2023. Glad they're trying India and China again with Jade and the Nebula titles as Chronicles wasnt mainstream or could ever dream to deliver the rich maps/cultures of the respected countries plus if they're more of the mythology creeds that could work better as Bigger games.
  • @NimbusV
    Since the Ubisoft Forward event I am super excited for AC Hexe. I wish they could just scramble the timeline and release Hexe sooner. Naturally, I'm interested in playing the other games as well, but AC in the witch hunt era is the most interesting to me, followed by the Aztec theme.
  • @JorJorIvanovitch
    I would love to see a Mayan or Aztec game, a Qing Dynasty (China) and a Samurai/Ronin/Ninja Japan game. Also, one taking place during the "Indian Wars" in North America where the protagonist is an indigenous person. Maybe one in the 2nd Punic Wars between Carthage and Hannibal and Julius Caesar or one in Russia during the Bolshevic Revolution?
  • @spiritdancer36
    I’m struggling a bit with AC right now. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I will hope beyond hope that we get an open world game set in India as I been wanting that for years. I’m sad that the witch trials one will be like Uncharted but I know there are a lot of people who enjoy that style of game. The next couple years will definitely be interesting.
  • @user-ze1sy6hl2b
    I hope that by Mediterranean they mean the Greek revolution of 1821. It was one of the most important historical moments of Europe and it will make a nice setting for assassin's creed!
  • Woah super pumped for Hexe and the Aztec one! Thanks for covering this!
  • @platinumusman0s5
    I'm a massive fan of the open world RPGs like Odyssey and Origins so I'm hoping Red holds up on that end and isn't just released then forgotten about in the flurry of new games
  • @luca_lwls
    I'd love if this actually worked out and they planned this properly bc AC games are the games that I replay the most by far and there isn't really a single one that I hate but I'm worried that Ubisoft is flying a bit too close to the sun with this schedule
  • @MsDarkspyro
    I'm actually looking forward to the witch trial ones. It sounds cool. Did a paper on it in highschool

    Also isn't hexe supposed to be co op as well
  • @invisAG
    I’m looking forward to Mirage and Hexe is definitely the AC game I’m most interested in here, think that could be really great. But idk all this just seems like too much to me and that Ubisoft are going for quantity over quality. I guess time will tell
  • @jamilac2158
    I would LOVE the mediterrean part to focus on north africa, how amazing would it be to see the berbers or even the carthage era