Miniminter Reacts To Spider-Man 2 | Gameplay Reveal

Published 2023-05-27

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  • @ah447
    It's crazy how everyone has forgotten that we will have to fight venom, probably with Eddie Brock or harry Osborn as his host. Spiderman Vs venom in games is always scary af
  • @james2555
    Simon never fails to spread my cheeks and fill me up
  • @phoenixeye167
    Even in real life the wing suit only works when there's already present wind currents which you hijack and steer to get to a location unless your jumping from altitude. So thats why its only used in parts. They are both intelligent enough to be able to calculate that during swinging and fighting. Thats one of the parts of being Spiderman.
  • @aryanahmed6538
    One of the greatest trailers I love this game trailers I'm going to definitely play it
  • @brad8473
    always love to come on these reacts simon does, especially for spider-man and it instantly proves to me how much himself and the chat are not fans of spider-man
  • @HTBen
    Simons reaction to fall and not understanding those terms of months rather than saying the actual month is actually something I relate to aswell đź’€ I was wondering when fall was and guessed October
  • @sandman2314
    There are people complaining about the graphics somehow. I looked through the whole trailer at every moment and it looks nearly perfect
  • @Zapatozi
    Miles will probably try to stop Peter at one point, but Peter will beat him up so hard. The symbiote will protect him from Miles' abilities. When Peter beats him up, he'll realize that he's gone too far. That's when he will get rid of the symbiote. He probably has the symbiote from Harry and when it gets off, symbiote will find Eddie Brock. When Eddie gets it, the white spider symbol will be on.
  • @Meb_6240
    The transitions from cinematic to gameplay are just *chef kiss*
  • @Envixityyy
    If this doesn’t get game of the year then fair play to whatever game does
  • @ThePandaaa
    Something people don’t understand is YouTube also condenses footage the graphics on a video will never look as amazing as it does playing it on your actual console!
  • @MichaelDavis2754
    So Kraven basically is the best hunter in the world but he's already hunted everything on his land so when he sees other heroes/villains that could actually be a challenge he goes after them because for Kraven it's all about the thrill of the hunt the catching or anything like that means nothing to him
    Also Yuri Lowenthal the voice actor for Peter voices Sasuke from Naruto so that's why he might sound familiar
    Finally he didn't make a wind tunnel in any city the wind is stronger when it passes between buildings
  • I think one bad thing in this game would be switching from peter to miles and not having the same powers and abilities of venom and then losing the level
  • @notscullytv
    5:14 nah wind gets crazy high up between buildings, the force is so strong architects have to account for the support when designing them
  • @LordTango
    i hope we get a web of shadows influenced game in the future, or a DLC or smthn
  • People saying it looks bad and boring just don’t have a ps5 and are mad they won’t be able to play it.
  • @HurstonEstep
    Here's the question. Will we have to fight Peter as Miles? Or, will we be forced to fight Miles as a corrupted Peter?