Published 2021-05-26
A tale of the most cursed Spongebob Squarepants popsicle to roam the land of the sea

This upload is to celebrate the fact that my first video on the Spongebob Popsicle reached over 10 million views, thanks!!! Looks like this sequel is definitely warranted.


#Spongebob #Popsicle #Cursed

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  • @AquaticNeptune
    How many exorcists does it take to ward the demons out of a Spongebob popsicle?
  • @bobbipipkorn5138
    So glad someone else feels the same way about those creepy Sponge Bob popsicles. I bought so many of them from convenience stores because my kid ALWAYS spots them and then I spend the next 15 minutes trying to explain manufacturing defects to a 4 year old so she doesn't have nightmares over it. I don't think we've ever opened one that didn't look creepy or have missing or melted eyeballs. Let down every.single.time.
  • @MissingYes287
    I like that this "Oreo Cream Stack Thingy" Patrick made is an essential thing to advance the plot
  • I like how Aquatic made spongebobs voice nothing like the original but it feels just normal.
  • 3:35 " where do you keep getting all these watermelons?"

    3:42" Perfectly cut scream moment "
  • @lian3660
    is nobody gonna talk about how the one he put on the grill was literally perfect?
  • 8:01
    Costumer: Yeah, I'll take a Spongebob Picassopants popsicle and one Bob Marley popsicle for my friend.
  • @Mluty
    I like how Patrick says "Well, there still horrifying!"
  • @ponycentral2.09
    No popsicles were harmed in the making of this video, but they came from the fiery pits of Hell!
  • @SteamRoad_House
    I like how Patrick summons watermelons and coconuts out of nowhere like he’s a super magician
  • @jixuan9341
    The lesson is crush everything that’s creepy with watermelons that come out of nowhere
  • 1:24 Squidward deformed
    1:26 Patrick deformed
    1:27 Squidward deformed
    1:29 Patrick trying to say deformed
    1:30 SpongeBob saying DEF
    0:02 Patrick making a tower of Oreos
    0:03 it's not enough I need more
    0:10 SpongeBob visiting Patrick
    0:11 SpongeBob movie comes surprised
    0:14 Patrick explains how he made a big mess with the Oreos and never ate it
    0:26 SpongeBob says something to Patrick
  • @panosargyros9619
    Let me tell you something this episode wasn’t about SpongeBob Popsicles it was about watermelon
  • @hymanluv
    Aquaticneptune trying to find a perfect SpongeBob popsicle part for this time it has to be good
  • @emptybread
    These popsicles have seen things more than the humans have seen It's so terrifying that I can't look at it without praying for it not to kill me like it's scary it came from a pit of hell it's the devil himself-