emma mackey and ncuti gatwa making fun of asa butterfield for 5 minutes

Published 2020-05-28
emma and ncuti just can't stop laughing everytime asa opens his mouth. half of this video is just emma mackey and ncuti gatwa mocking asa during interviews.

I do not own anything in this video. All rights to the owners of the clips and the music.

#sexeducation #asabutterfield #emmamackey #ncutigatwa

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  • They are the new Golden Trio. Think about it. British, school drama, completely detached from the social norms of their world
  • @cosmicmuse2900
    He's so awkward omg I get awkward when I see him why is this so funny and cringeworthy at the same time and why is he so handsome and cute at the same time THE CONFUSION
  • @leigh7647
    This is 4 minutes and 53 seconds of proof why the Maeve/Eric friendship dynamic is gold and would literally be them bonding over dragging Otis.
  • @exemplar7205
    Ncuti's reaction to the high fist had me dying lol
  • @m7tscircus
    asa butterfield is so cute, he is the softest human being
  • @selma3394
    It’s like 2 Americans making fun of someone from England except that they’re all from England
  • @jhd4576
    Asa is so Otis in real life omg
  • @naturalbby1722
    1:48 Ncuti’s reaction to Otis slapping his fist bump-I’m cryinggg😭😭
  • @RH-um7yw
    Name 5 body parts Asa: you got the toes, you got the thumb, you got the nose, you got the scalp and you got the chin.
  • @bellad5968
    i love how emma's always ready with an asa impression like 0.2 seconds after he opens his mouth😂
  • @iza9126
    dude, i'm here just laughing with them they're sense of humor is just so good omg lmaooo
  • @lillyj.2227
    These three together are TOO POWERFUL lol thanks for this video I can't stop laughing xD
  • @winniebeau5340
    Who also say Asa first in “boy with the striped pajama”