PICKLES • Hermitcraft Ten Animatic • ft: GeminiTay and PearlescentMoon

Published 2024-06-07
I got a kick out of this bit—so here it is in another form!

And also, I feel like I need to mention that yes, I do know that sea pickles are different from dill pickles, I just found the latter more funny.

Audio from
GeminiTay HC10 Ep14
PearlescentMoon HC10 Ep14
PearlescentMoon HC10 Ep16

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  • @emcustard
    Short Gem shaking tall Pearl's shoulders is hilarious
  • @DH-xw6jp
    Followed closely by Gem: Do... Do you want to fight me?! Pearl: No... I want pickles.
  • @Leelee0535
    This needs more views. I’m just like pearl with my friends honey shop. They asked what I was doing with the excessive amount of honey and I went “you’ll see”. The truth is that I was just buying them out to mess with them.
  • @lemonbread378
    Pearl with a pickle on her head, Gem shaking her by the shoulders, Gem's multiple exasperated poses- this is golden and perfectly captures the energy these sillies have Amazing
  • @theodysseyowl
    All I can think of throughout this entire saga is Grian’s pickle shop in Season 6
  • @abluerainbow
    Pickles are an amazing light source if you need them for decoration lmao😂. Thw ending was perfection, i can actually imagine Pearl doing that pose irl lol
  • Pickles are really easy to farm as well which makes Gem’s reaction even funnier
  • @red5_skywalker
    The art style, the height difference, it's all perfect!
  • @N0Negatives
    Gem shouldn't DILLy dally about restocking. PicklescentMoon will buy her out no matter the cost.
  • @jbtgrlinux226
    We Need An Animated Version Of Gem Being Spammed With Pickles Due To The Jukebox Trolling Peral Did On Gem :)
  • @electra310
    Pearl tormenting Gem about pickles is my favorite Season 10 running gag so far. I just about died when Gem came over to deliver Pearl's birthday present (it was murder) but Pearl insisted that what she really wanted was more pickles.
  • @Adder6112
    Pearl being a chaotic gremlin as per usual
  • @siegelink9549
    Gem should go to the Permit office and ask if she can ban pearl from her pickle store. Or at least heavily increase the price just for her.
  • @Taracinablue
    I like that you drew them their actual heights =) That's such a big part of interacting IRL. I wish Minecraft allowed players to customize their heights; I think it would add some interest. Anyway, cute art =)
  • @alannar6189
    Grian: dang I probably just cost the poor person who sells pickles a good sale. Gem: I am so sick of farming pickles