Anything You Can Fit In The Triangle I’ll Pay For

Published 2021-06-01
Sorry for the long time no uploads! I had 4 different videos fall apart :/
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  • @MrBeast
    Sorry for the long time with no videos! I tried spending 50 hours stranded at sea and got super sick and canceled it. After that I tried to build the world’s largest Minecraft mansion (spent like $300,000 lol) and it rained and fell. After that I filmed a different video that just wasn’t innovative enough so I deleted the final video. Whoops haha
  • @chad5104
    Dude I’m honestly proud of how far you’ve come and how your inspiring people with what you do. Keep up the good work.
  • I've already watched everything you put onto Facebook, but it's worth rewatching them all here too, if only to support all the good you do for the people around you. I'd be down to take on any challenge you want to give me man, if it meant I could pay for my boyfriend's surgery
  • @user-qi5cl4ux2w
    It’s amazing how far you’ve come Jimmy. Truly an inspiration 🔥
  • Eres una gran persona por todo lo que has hecho a las personas más necesitadas
  • @Sweetpete2889
    MrBeast this is amazing! Watching the car triangle was amazing. How it touched her was truly incredible. It made me bawl! Having someone care and give things to people who can use them is something I wish I could do. You are doing great things with your hard work and blessings.
  • @user-qo4gu9yc1i
    Вот это настоящий блогер и хороший контент! Смотреть приятно как он помогает и радует людей. Не как некоторые для контента и пользы сожгут деньги или машины респект и уважение тебе!
  • @IOMRAN112
    You are a kind hearted person who did well for everything you did for those in need Mr. Best
  • @azekc2839
    Когда смотришь и видишь как люди радуются тем что вы даёте шанс что либо выиграть мне становится приятно что в этом мире есть такие люди как вы! :)
  • @deeptijuneja1128
    Mad Respect for you Jimmy! You are an amazin inspiration and the kindest.
    Ojalá un día me encontrará a Mr best por la calle, aunque sería extraño verlo en Chile jaja
  • @Tarwhan003
    I loved how they planned everything to fit in the triganle in game stop. That was so fun to watch.
  • @Muhammad-oc5rj
    well done, go ahead champion! we want your success. ❤
  • @RobbinRams
    Would have grabbed all the gift cards lol 😂
  • @Yahya_Rahaman
    Cleaning a beach,
    Planting 20 million trees,
    Curing people’s blindness,
    Curing deaf people,
    You are such an amazing person, Jimmy.
    Hats off to you!
  • @leivadgn
    Bendiciones para ti Mr Beast eres unico saludos tambien para todo. Tu equipo