Underverse - Second Chance (Second Season OST] [Full Album Stream]

Published 2020-01-31
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Artwork by Jael Peñaloza! youtube.com/Jakeihazen
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Original by NyxTheShield

Alternation - Opening Theme: (0:00)
SEG_FAULT - Fatal_Error's Theme: (1:52)
Omega - Core!Frisk's Theme: (5:19)
Occisor - Killer!Sans' Theme: (8:57)
Mismatch - Error!Sans' Theme: (11:14)
Hollowed - Geno's Theme: (14:24)
Brushwork - Ink!Sans' Theme: (17:24)
Bruh - Epic!Sans' Theme: (20:05)
Booyah! - Fresh!Ink's Theme: (23:46)

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  • 캣러브Catlove
    You must watch Underverse " AT LEAST " 3 times.
    One for art
    One for story
    One for ost
    This is Masterpiece.
  • Lee
    I feel like the second season is going to be one heck of a ride
  • Galaxy Carmen
    DANGGGG Just look at the background art! Jakei has improved so much since Underverse 0.1 ! I'm so hyped by the music and I can't wait to see the quality Animation 👌

    Underverse is becoming more and more anime
  • Rodrigo Lima
    People who started Underverse: skips intro
    True fans: we don't do this here.
  • Jack L.
    This is gonna be a hell of a year for the Undertale animation community.
    Between Camila and Jakei, I think we're sorted.
  • When there's an opening like that , you know some MAJOR plot-twists are in store.
  • *:.Kayla*:.
    I think I can speak for everyone when I say Undertale is a drug we will never get over
  • Eszey
    I can already imagine jakei with an X-mug of fan tears
  • ItzRoobee
    It's funny how we just ignore the fact that Epic!Sans's Theme is named "Bruh" and Fresh!Ink's theme is called "Booyah!"
  • Wahabsmash Bros
    The great underverse with many songs fills you with DETERMINATION.


    We choose to save
  • Bedeku

    0:05 - Alternation (Opening)
    1:50 - SEG_FAULT (Fatal Error)
    5:19 - Omega (Core)
    8:57 - Occisor (Killer)
    11:13 - Mismatch (Error)
    14:23 - Hollowed (Geno)
    17:22 - Brushwork (Ink)
    20:03 - Bruh (Epic)
    23:44 - Booyah! (Fresh!Ink)
    0:00 : Alternation - Opening Theme
    1:52 : SEG_FAULT - Fatal_Error's Theme
    5:19 : Omega - Core!Frisk's Theme
    8:57 : Occisor - Killer!Sans' Theme
    11:14 : Mismatch - Error!Sans' Theme
    14:24 : Hollowed - Geno's Theme
    17:24 : Brushwork - Ink!Sans' Theme
    20:05 : Bruh - Epic!Sans' Theme
    23:46 : Booyah! - Fresh!Ink's Theme

    EDIT : Btw, thanks Nyx for using my time code x)
  • winsloe
    WELL THEN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, it seems like the legendary bruh might actually be making an appearance in season two
  • L. Gus
    I went back to 0.4 and watched the Ink vs Error fight and started Mismatch exactly as the battle begun, I think it fits in pretty well. Then when the battle ends Hollowed starts almost perfectly when XGaster says "such a pity" and the song ends almost exactly when the episode does.
  • Sean Almario
    "Take my hand and you'll have a second chance..."

    *You took it.

    *Did something happen??

    *Guess not...


    *It doesn't mean it is over, right??


    *Everyone is waiting for you...

    *Welp, Kiddo...

    *Here it goes...


    Go make things right this time, I ain't giving you another one...

  • Corp
    Hyped for season 2!
    Who else is with me?
    Can we all acknowledge how fast underverse actually releases?
  • bruh

    Anyone else overly hyped for underverse.....or is it just me lol
  • AniJam
    Tus soundtrack siempre son lo mejor, me ayudan a entretenerme y escuchar mientras dibujo. Sigue así ^w^.