I Built the ULTIMATE LEGO SODA Machine!!

Published 2022-11-19
In this video, I build the ULTIMATE LEGO Soda Vending MACHINE inside a MINI FRIDGE!!
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All Comments (21)
  • Brick Science
    I really hurt my back in the first 10 seconds, so I had to take a week off haha. But I’m better now!
    Lift with your legs, not your back 😂
  • Lego Cooking
    The effort put into this is phenomenal!! This is epic 😮
  • Visonil Hendric
    I suggest two improvements. Link the motors to the micro so that you can program it to always put the can right on the trapdoor. As it is right now, user error can make no can drop.

    Additionally add a sensor to the bottom to check if anything dropped so the money is not completely lost in that case.

    Anyway this is an amazing build all around. The engineering is top notch.
  • Sam Kerr
    Impressive work! To prevent the cans from exploding but still keeping it Lego you could add rubber tiers in the bottom to cushion the fall.
  • SpoonyAnimates
    next he's gonna build life-sized version of himself that moves, talks, eats, eventualy commit murder and start the robot uprising...
    This is such a clean looking build with rlly interesting mechanics behind it. Rlly loved this video Riley!
  • The B3
    I've definitely felt your pain with not noticing printed pieces until it's too late lol
    But the final product was just incredible! 🤩
  • Brick Machines
    I literally love this video, it's my favorite you've ever done! 🤯 Amazing mechanical work, Riley!
  • This was absolutely genius. I wish Lego would turn this into an actual set! I would buy it
  • Ballade
    you could add a ramp to the soda drop so that there's only that initial smack at the top of the gap which shouldn't shack the can up too much, and then just add a small blocker at the end of the ramp to keep it in place, that way you don't need to have a towel there.
  • Man built the best LEGO soda machine on YouTube, in just a little over 10 hours. Wow!
  • Searing Star
    I'd love to see this become a permanent part of his set, and every now-and-then in his videos he grabs a soda from it.
  • SP Brick Studios
    This is amazing! You never fail to come out with great designs!
  • 4syrupon2toasts
    This guy is so underrated he never fails to entertain us ❤
  • Zach Loken
    As a vending machine owner this is very cool, great coin mechanism, very creative especially considering you only used Lego. Also very cool drink dispenser mechanism, very original. Such a great build.
  • Xtreme RC
    I love how ur builds are always getting bigger and bolder! Keep up the good work!
  • Adrian Lang
    This is wonderful.Clever engineering and programming. This guy needs to be in the innovation department of a high tech engineering company.
    Superb that you solved all of the initial strength flaws.