DoorDash | DoorDash All the Ads - :30

Published 2024-02-11

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  • @ifoundfaith
    I spent so much time focused on typing the code I missed the end of the game! 🤣🤣
  • I got a 99 percent ....i dont have the mental energy to redo it tho. cheers to whoever wins
  • @jaaaarrr
    With all the years I've been typing, it feels like I've been training for this very moment
  • @theathyrn6473
    I typed 29 seconds of it, thinking I had it all. I submitted it to only get 29%…. I came back and watched the “and more” and my jaw dropped
  • @alyssas811
    Haha, well thats 20 minutes I’ll never get back. It’s like waiting for DoorDash to show up when it goes to the neighbor one block over!
  • @alyssafork536
    The 5 exclamation points got me. I thought there was only 1 for so long and didn't even bother checking that area....
  • @capncheeks4064
    Played it back for 10 mins and thought I had it nailed only 27 percent fml
  • @mtallmen184
    Your site won't let me type the butt in peanut butter wtf
  • @tinakunkel2637
    I do hope they put out the correct code when the contest is over, so I can where I went off the road.
  • @daniellem1197
    At 99% and everything has been entered correctly. Noticed announcer skipped mentioning reeses…feels shady
  • @juliomedina4856
    i remembered about this like 30 minutes before deadline and grinded it out, my essay can wait!
  • @AmeriTerry
    I got it completed 😅 I had to pause all of it and enter the ending. It was a lot - reading
  • @randyb9310
    The site isn't letting me put in all that in the submit space.
  • @greenyboi22
    damn. that's something that a king's dream is.
  • @Tristanpyle81
    You know someone's probably on the phone right now with their lawyer
  • @zakk003
    The speaker guy lied he didn’t read it exactly. He says peanut butter m&m’s but the code reads “Reese’s - peanut butter m&m’s.”
  • Congratulations to the winner 🎊.
    I tried but only got 50%, so the other half just went over my head.🤣
    Half full is better than nothing at all…grateful for the opportunity ❤
  • Woo! I had it running at 25% and slowly typed it out. And got it!