Published 2020-05-28
Compilation of all episodes from Underverse 0.0 to 0.4. Enjoy this marathon!
Special thanks: (0:00)
Truce - Prologue: (0:12)
Intro: (2:41)
Underverse 0.0: (3:40)
Underverse 0.1: (9:29)
Underverse 0.2: (32:50)
Underverse Xtra Scene 1: (50:42)
Underverse 0.3 part 1: (58:30)
Underverse 0.3 part 2: (1:19:30)
Underverse Xtra Scene 2: (1:43:22)
Underverse 0.4: (1:52:37)
Credits: (2:21:42)
Epilogue: (2:22:53)

-Undertale™ by Toby Fox
-XTale by Jael Peñaloza (Jakei)
-Ink by Comyet/Myebi
-Error & Fresh by The Crayon Queen
-Underfell by AU Community/ Underfell blog
-Underswap by AU Community
-Outertale by 2mi127
-Killer by Rahaf
-Dream & Nightmare (Dreamtale) by Joku
-Core!Frisk by Dokudoki
-Undernovela by Pig-Demon
-Stereohead Studios (Only for UVS 0.2 and 0.3 part 1)
-Strelok Audio Design
VALIANT HEART - vocals by Melodiva --
VOICE CAST (Undernovela)
-Asgoro - David Z
-Alphys - Bedeit Saku
-Undyna - Celestialsushi
-Dogaressa - Katie Marie
-Dogamy, Sin, Papiro, Frisk - Strelok
-Narrator - Santiago Sandoval
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And thanks to you for watching my videos!

All Comments (21)
  • Eberlyn
    Haven't played or watched anything remotely related to undertale in years, this came across my recommended today. I ended up watching it all in one sitting. Didn't even realize how much time had passed until I reached the credits. I loved the story and art style, this whole thing was really nostalgic. I'm super impressed by the soundtrack and animation, everyone working on this project has done an amazing job.
  • its JJ
    I like how the art style is just progressively getting better and better
    The shape and line quality got way better and i think jael has just guaranteed her place at some big animation studio
  • Ink Sans
    Imagine if this becomes a fan game, it will be a totally masterpiece
  • pixer
    Everyone said this before but here we go again. The fact that this whole movie was animated by ONE person is insane, and not only that. The art improvement is fucking sick.
  • I forgot completely about this masterpiece. Glad to see it is still being produced, since the first part is really confusing.
  • Ele
    "I can't let hopes and dreams from those worlds get destroyed..."
    Makes sense. Why would you want the best song in Undertale to be destroyed?
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate the designs of Xtale characters? They all have pretty original designs and you can easily recognize each silhouette. They still resemble the originals as well. Good job, Jakei!
  • Emma
    Everybody: "So how many bad guys do you want in this AU?"
    Jae: "Yes."
  • Kayli Mari
    Man i always love binge watching this from time to time, it's so nice to see how much jakei has improved after all these years
  • ElCuh
    Can we just admire how good the animation and story lore this is
  • infiniduck
    When you really think about it...

    Underverse is Sans being scared of the Fandom.

    Edit: Thanks for the likes, but I don't think people understood the comment. The other AUs were the Fandom's creations, and it scared him eventually.
  • Konbae
    After all these years i finally caved and started watching Underverse. My only complaint is that i didnt start watching this sooner! Great art, interesting story, the aus are portrayed amazingly. Just wow
  • nutellanezuko
    I’ve loved UnderTale every since it came out but I left the fandom a long while ago because of all the toxic people but I couldn’t stay away for too long because of all the amazing fan series like this. Here I am now, rewatching Underverse after ages.
  • Light 2490
    It takes me weeks upon weeks to animate a single minute of anything

    and this dude right here be making a wholeass movie
  • Tru StarGamer
    Damn the animation and artwork skills improved insanely every episode. Insanely well designed battle scenes and plot. Incredible job Jakei!
  • rosa melano
    If you pay attention, ink has a grey tongue from the start. This meant that he didnt drink any of those vials on pupose and so planned to lose his emotions as time went by...
    Jakei's attention to detail is just so amazing! I love it 💕
  • Definitelynot
    Under Verse is so big that it Doesn’t even feel like a fan made series
  • DrWDGaster5257
    14:07 the prequel expands so much on this, so interesting to find out why no reset is possible and why Chara is partnered with sans.
  • acid a
    “Reset” and “Overwrite” are great buttons, but my “Alt” and “F4” is much more powerful
  • kip is a noob
    I appreciate this animation so much. The planning jakei did to perfectly intertwine each AU and their backstories is so creative. It requires so much patience to create such a nice series like this.