Busting 40 RARE Myths In Minecraft 1.19

Published 2022-10-29
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Busting 40 RARE Myths In Minecraft 1.19 with PrestonPlayz 👊

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All Comments (21)
  • Kittycat
    With the glow squid ink you can reverse the glow by right clicking again but with normal squid ink.
  • Yan Wang
    when you were doing the myth "there's a secret achievement for mining all the end pillars." when you were mining the last block I saw a person in the corner of the screen... WHO IS THAT PERSON?! The name said the person was named "LDram"
  • Kitty
    the secret krabby patty formula or the secret door at the bottom of the well is the rarest.
  • Stacy Kerpet
    I like it everybody who plays Minecraft knows the drip stone lava thing 11:01
  • Aria Kuhn
    To do the Clutch with nothing you have to be 35+ blocks in the air, and hold down jump then sneak at the right time.
  • Hin
    Do a tutorial of how to do that crouch clutch thing because you didn't do it right
  • keiva brigante
    The myths that you asked for guidance is a YES! for both
  • Warp Pipe Gaming
    Since Netherrack was origanaly called Bloodstone, I think Anchient Debris is DRIED BLOOD NETHERRACK.
  • Alex Laymon
    I can confirm the ancients debris myth as when trees get older,the curvy lines on the top of the wood increases.And the ancients debris has more curvy lines than the normal wood.
  • Manoj Thomas
    lol i used the damage thing to boost my self in a bedwars match to killa guy
  • Isaac Perlman
    if you crouch in a 1 and a half space, you stay crouching even if you take your finger of the key
  • SagePirate
    The crouch thing works, but you have to crouch and jump at the same time as soon as you hit the ground
  • Taimour Najar
    Reinforced deepslate mines at the same speed no matter what you use. Including even your fist. Also matpat (the owner of the channel game theorists) proved that the ancient debris is actually debris from an inter dimensional war between the overworld, nether, and end.
  • Zannggaming
    By the way Preston, I'm fairly certain you can mine reinforced deepslate with most things but it just takes like 1 minute for what ever you mine it with. Keep up the great work!
  • Tana Nubiti
    the one with the secret room under the igloo is true I've had happened to me before it's actually really cool you just have to look under all the carpet