Chucky vs Baby Yoda - drawing cartoons 2

Published 2020-01-12
Chucky vs Baby Yoda. this fighting animation I made with drawing cartoon 2 application.
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  • Nino V. Flores M.
    Estaría chingón que el Chucky se pusiera a llorar porque se llevaron a su nuevo mejor amigo jajaja
  • Dreamer
    Every Chucky death is straight to the face 😂
  • In theory, Grogu will turn to the dark side. He is sadistic. He hangs from a distance like a Sith. He likes the metal ball that looked like the Death Star and Ashoka was afraid to train him. Grogu could become Snoke's instructor and donate his blood to Palpatine to keep him alive, and he will use The Force to twist Luke's brain cells into a cowardly and bitter hermit. Grogu is responsible for everything bad we saw in the sequel trilogy. It is seen that he did not have a mother. He is the "gremlin" hidden under the cute guise of a "gizmo". I dont trust him.
  • The other monsters will never look at Chucky the same again.
  • Yndz_hsr
    I loved it!!!!! SOOOOOO good animation, keep it up king!!!👑
  • Trim
    Cute baby Yoda :3
  • The part where baby yoda eats the frog is kinda disturbing but the rest of it is nice
  • Quint
    So cool 👍👍