Imagine Dragons x J.I.D - Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends)

Published 2021-10-28
Imagine Dragons x J.I.D - Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends)


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Music video by Imagine Dragons, JID performing Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends). © 2021 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

All Comments (21)
  • Pop Siwapat
    This song has mystery power of attraction. I'm so excited since the first note when I heard it in the Netflix's Arcane.
  • MrPotato1062
    Honestly don’t know what’s better the animation or the music. Both are top notch!
  • thegamesfan510
    I dont get why the hate on ImagineDragons... their music slaps and never disappoint me
  • yurith
    The amount of perfection on how this song perfectly fits the series is immense. Also, I love how the writers wrote the character of powder/ jinx in the series as well as this short music vid. Her facial and vocal expressions are perfect! Definetly the amount of badass and craziness the people will love.
  • Arcane was the show I binge watched the day before my father died. Didn't realize it was my last day with him. Can't even believe that his presence lies just in our memories now. This song, the arcane opening scene, all reminds me of the day I wished I spent more time with him. No matter what comes in the future, this song will teleport me to that very day again as long as I shall live.
  • Zach ary
    I'm glad J.I.D is finally getting the recognition he deserves, this song is incredible. He's definitely had some popular songs but to see him on a song with over 100M views and top ten on the billboard hot 100 makes me happy. He's an absolute master at rhythm when he raps
  • Nia Reneé
    I finished this series in two days. My favorite part was just to here this song on the beginning of every episode. Honestly could listen to this song on repeat for hours
  • I have been a fan of Imagine Dragons for a few years, and I just want to say their songs rock!
  • Rudson Santos
    Meu Deus que música extremamente perfeita, nunca canso de ouvir
  • krishna Priya
    It's insane that no one ever can beat imagine dragons
  • Karen Alves
    O foda é a ansiedade pra esperar novas temporadas aaaaa TUDO PERFEITO
  • Cristian Gabriel
    Even though I don't watch Arcane I must admit this song is amazing and good job for everyone behind this work 💪🔥
  • Al Mayaj
    Imagine dragons never ever disappointed me.💙
  • Daniel Araujo
    Estes caras entraram de cara dentro ein cada música que lança é sucesso, sério isso? Que bom sabe, uma das poucas bandas pop que mantém a qualidade artístico das músicas, de imaginar que estariam no topo parabéns.
  • SabbyXMarty
    Imagine Dragons never fails to make songs as the soundtracks from many movies and series like the following:

    Bones used for The Boys S3
    Zero used for Ralph Breaks The Internet
    Friction used for Mission: Impossible - Fallout
    Ready Aim Fire used for Iron Man 3
    Who We Are used for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    Sucker For Pain used for Suicide Squad
    Levitate used for Passengers (2016)
    Warriors used for League Of Legends and Sweet Home
    Enemy also used for League Of Legends
    Monster used for Infinity Blade
    Not Today used for Me Before You
    On Top Of The World used for The Angry Birds Movie
    Battle Cry used for Transformers: Age Of Extinction
    Radioactive used for The Host and True Blood
  • PORTAL X15
  • KingRocky
    I love how this music video adds to the story. It seems to imply that even before the events of Arcane, Vi and Powder had a fraught relationship, which only adds to the tragedy of the later seasons.
  • mgsandz
    They even made animations for this music video that doesn’t include scenes in the series. The amount of work and effort put into Arcane is just superbly amazing and jaw dropping! chef’s kiss
  • anarcOYA
    the variations in this song between anger n' melancholy are perfect representing the "powder vs jinx" internal battle, it's a sad and beautiful sound at the same time