Are the new event vehicles overpowered? (LOSAT, Ki-48-II, Kurama, F100F)

Published 2023-09-23
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Is Tokushu Heiki worth grinding? (LOSAT, Ki-48-II, Kurama, F100F)

Tokushu Heiki is here! Are the event vehicles worth grinding? Are they overpowered?
The newest war thunder vehicles looking interesting so in this video I will check them out.

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  • @wirb3859
    The LOSAT’s missiles are not shaped charged, they are kinetic. They are basically 162mm hypersonic guided darts. This also means you lose significant pen when trying to point blank targets
  • @Kettleman1.0
    With the ki-48s missile it feels like there might be somone inside it guiding it like the midget sub
  • @themortz
    i thought we're gonna get the manned Japanese missile but hey, this is also fine.
  • @Ash007YT
    Challenge: get an air kill with the Japanese rocket aircraft.
  • @pvt.bushmann5903
    I honestly think the vehicles are just funny. Sure the Ki-48-II could do higher than 2.3 but at the same time it's whole shtick is similar to a Fritz X, which is on a Heinkel He-111 sitting at... 2.7 I think?
  • @ROSCOLUX302
    you kind of buried the lede with the LOSAT. the atgm has a *kinetic penetrator*. like apfsds on a missile.
  • @Drakey_Fenix
    I don't know why you didn't mention that the Losat uses kinetic penetrators in the missiles. It's a pretty big thing to gloss over, since most things it will face mostly just have protection against chemical munitions and not kinetic at br 10.3 .
  • @clippedwings225
    6:27 I really hope the Japanese plane is like to open the door for more WW2 cruise missile like some German planes had. I know the PB4Y even had like a fire & forget anti-shipping glide bomb, the Bat, which I'd really like.
  • @mayonotes9849
    With the addition of the Ki-48 with that guided missile I hope the Fw-200 will get its Hs-293 as well.
  • @Jayray-zk5iq
    I would love to have the losat for the memes and the ki49, but i cant stand the crafting events, i've been playing since 2013, and i still hate the crafting events more than anything else gaijin has done, if it were a score based or task based event i would do it but seeing as its a crafting event i have 0 motivation to even try, these events just bring out the worst in the community and make games way too sweaty and try-hard to have fun anymore. The f100f should also be a tech tree vehicle for the us aswell as more f100 variants, but alas gaijin seems to have a hatred of the us
  • @HappyBacon777ttv
    Super stoked for the new Ki-48, definitely think the trick of it will be similar to the sk-60b where you gain altitude then kill your engines and go as slow as possible from a glide and just lob these from over 8km away. The missile speed is definitely a poor aspect of it, so long range launches will probably be needed so you don't get within AA range
  • @TheArklyte
    LOSAT is the most interesting due to its concept - ATGM that uses kinetic energy rod penetrators. Looking at ingame stat card, it won't have penetration ie velocity drop off until after a kilometer. That can be either very broken or very pathetic at mid ranges. It'll be absolutely pathetic at extreme close ranges due to turret and missile arrangement and the fact that missile didn't accelerate fully yet.
    Broken because it's defacto vehicle sized "bolter" ie gyrojet ie gun with kilometer long barrel if you will. Yes, it's a missile. But it's a missile with extremely high burn engine. It can be most powerfull APFSDS in the game in fact.
    Pathetic at long range? Because you can't turn off the guidance. In normal canon you can just curve the shell with gravity or fire and scoot. With LOSAT, even with its insane velocity, you're a sitting duck.
    Sum up the three points above and you get a very niche vehicle. But very interesting from technical PoV.

    Imagine if LOSAT documentation was dusted off nowadays and someone tried to make ADATS(the reason in the name) competitor by combining LOSAT and Starstreak tech de facto creating massive Starstreak II.
  • @Sputniksim
    Range finder is a must for guided missile vehicles to know the range and if target is within the max missile range. Of course in WT that's always the case since maps are unrealistically tiny.
  • @user-kt4qf5pn2q
    In regards to lack of telescopic sight, I think that some of bigger bombers should have binoculars option.Especially naval ones.
  • I'm really excited for the Ki-48-II. As an IJN main, I find it hard to use planes in naval battles, but something like this really gives me the opportunity to hit a ship from outside of AA range. Reliably? No, but actually able to? Possibly
  • @rain-er6537
    Should have added aim-9Ps to F100F to make it more unique, all other F100 are 9.3 already and pretty much the same.
  • This opens the idea of adding the Okha to the G4M. But that could be done in a way where it’s like a scout drone. You launch and guide it like a normal aircraft but obviously with 1) much, much less fuel and range and 2) you intentionally crash it instead of let it loiter
  • I was gonna sit this one out but maybe the guided missile at that low a BR might be fun in naval. Otherwise? Nah. The LOSAT is the sort of thing that makes me happy I decided to keep to under 8.x most of the time. I reckon it will either spank or be pulverised, depending on map and BR. One of those. The missiles are a lot of fun to use in the test, I can see this thing being an MLRS thing at a higher BR. Take it out once or twice and never play it again unless you are having fun in a squad.
    That ship seems awful but maybe it will be better when it’s spaded. And naval doesn’t seem to have had the RP buff other modes have, at least not to the same level - naval is one of the worst for grinding, in my experience. And that’s not a ‘skill issue’. I’m happy to announce I’m pretty mid at Air and Ground RB, but, for some reason, I rule in naval. No idea why I’m good at that mode, but I regularly get top whereas it’s not unusual for me to be bottom in ground RB. I try to not lose my vehicle and that’s a good approach in naval but means I don’t get points in other modes. Anyway. The ship feels like rubbish.