Cowboy Adventure | SHADOW IN THE WEST | Western Epic HD | MASSIVE ACTION FILM

Published 2024-06-12

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  • @GoldenCelebs
    One of the best Western movies. Who else is watching this film in 2024 ?
  • @xawecki8149
    I never knew there can be a western movie without a single shot being fired. So refreshing to know that in the wild west there was also room for kindness, trust, commitment and love, and not just for hate, crime and revenge.
  • @userxyz5038
    This is one of the best west movies I've ever watched. So warm hearted and touching. The happy ending makes me shed tears with joy. God bless diligent and kind people.
  • @WilsonMininga
    The kindness and simplicity in this movie overwhelmed me. Such a classic western portrait.
  • One of the best movies I ever watch... Simplicity, holistic and very romantic!! Beautiful story... Thank you to all those who have a part in it!! God Bless!!
  • @user-qd3mk1tn2z
    WOW. This was a classy movie. The plot and actors were wonderful. Family-friendly movies are so rare today.
  • @Marion-ku6xj
    So nice to watch a movie these days that every other word isn't (F) ing this or that but does talk about God and good Christian feelings and some scripture it is a real blessing to watch
  • @Sheila-ju3th
    This was a beautiful movie. The other guy expected her to fall into his arms. Glad she made the right decision. Loved the movie. ❤❤❤❤
  • @oneofakind5668
    I wish we could go back to those days. Great movie and story of true love and why one should never judge a book by its cover.
  • @mlw8998
    Thank you for uploading this beautiful family friendly movie.
  • This is the ninth installment in a series of twelve films beginning with "Love Comes Softly." They're all equally clean and honest.
  • @RajSingh-gp2sy
    Our World needs men like Clark Davis, who doesn't run behind money but for the values and commitment
  • @bodean5163
    Great Movie, well performed, good continuality, clean language, straight forward, Godly principles. Well worth the time to watch. I'm impressed I didn't think they still made good movies like this....
  • @dennis8445
    This movie made you feel what the actors wanted you to feel. Everyone did a good job on this one. Good entertainment is hard to come buy these days.
  • @DeanWebb-qf5eu
    It’s hard to find a movie fit for the whole family. But this one was. It had all the good things in life , God , family and friends. I give it a 10
  • @jmaxford8634
    Refreshing story. The faith in God and honest talk with true feelings made this movie a good one to be remembered. Thank you for making a positive movie showing principles and courage.
  • @giorgoskritikos
    It's been a long time since i enjoyed a western movie. Real good one. Very well played by the main cast
  • This is my first time that watched a western movie without any shooting 😂 To be honest its very warm movie and very simple ❤
  • @riderallanlouis
    Felt heavy heart ❤️ watching this movie. So smooth and true , no shooting, no violence.just pure life