Car Camo Stealth Camping

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Steve Wallis
    I think there's a problem somewhere with the YouTube processing. I have got some comments about audio not lining up, but on all the computers here the audio lines up and the original file I uploaded is ok for audio. It seems that not everyone is having the problem. My friend said he had that before and it cleared up but it was a bit of a mystery. I am working on this but hoping it resolves without having to take this down and re-upload it. Cheers everyone and sorry for the audio issues!
  • Mariya Rose
    Watching for years and Steve never runs out of great ideas
  • “The trick to looking like you are doing community service work is to look angry” classic Steve and I love it!!!
  • georg2010cz
    Steve is like, "lets be careful and wrap everything in camo net" - then proceeds to blast everything with white light at night 😂
  • Moto 346
    Been watching for a few years. You helped me through a hard time with depression, no friends no relationships ect. Feels like I’m camping with an old friend. Hope you are doing well Steve we love and support you dearly, from Australia ❤
  • Sam Bannon
    The "this doesn't look spooky" really got me, Steve! Glad to see you finding mischief and having a good time. Lots of love from Florida! Keep it up.
  • Prison B
    I will never get over how Steve thinks- in every video- that someone is going to accost him randomly in the woods XD
  • Really wish every camper was like Steve. Tries his best not to be noticed and always cleans up and leaves it better than he finds it. Thanks for your dedication to YouTube and giving us some entertainment!
  • T Hol
    After doing finals for 15 hours, all I want to do is sit down with food and watch stealth camping. Thanks Steve
  • Mark Appier
    The time lapse of the road, the sky, and the stars was just mesmerizing! I watched it in 2160p on a big screen, wonderful! (I watched it last week, just now got around to making the comment.) Enjoyed it!
  • Ryan Oglesbee
    I can just imagine someone driving down the highway with their window open and catch a whiff of Steve's chicken dinner
  • Sue Wilson
    I love how you leave a place cleaner than when you arrived. If more people would pick up trash (or not leave it there in the first place) our outdoor spaces would be better places. Thank you Steve.
  • Damascus
    Hello, Steve! I am a new viewer, and subscriber. :)

    You have opened up my eyes to so much knowledge of camping and some really neat experiences in the wild. I know you have had some struggles in the past, but you are doing good and you got this, man! Stay strong Steve, you're my favorite camping YouTuber, I have all of my faith in you! I am so glad to be a part of your community, I feel humbled here.
  • Nothing calms the mind like a Steve Wallis' video. I live camping and adventure life vicariously through your channel.
  • Kevin Hale
    Hi Steve. It’s great to see you back on you tube. I sincerely hope you are well because I believe you have been missed. Your videos are always great to watch and a good source of inspiration for adventures. Stay well my friend.
  • Chris M
    Love the time lapse :)

    If you fold a little rock into the corners of a tarp or sheet, and tie it in place, it'll act as a weight on the corners and help hold them in place. On tarps with gromets for cables like you might use to waterproof an area, I still do it this way, because those tend to tear. Also gives you an anchor to use a rope or bungee cable with, if you're making an impromptu shelter with it, again without risking tearing the fabric. This one technique makes using tarps so much easier.
  • mm
    My boyfriend doesn't understand why I love watching Steves videos so much, and I think its because Steve reminds me of my own father. Keep it up Steve we love you!
  • This guy is the best. He is the only reason why me and my good friend are starting our own camping channel. Thanks for the great content as usual Steve 😊
  • Adam Griffin
    I'm guessing that if you ever did get busted on a stealth camp the person who found you would just be happy to meet the famous camping Steve. Everyone loves this guy.
  • TeaSquiffy
    Wow, wow, wow. That nighttime timelapse was absolutely gorgeous.