30 Animals That Asked People for Help & Kindness !

Published 2022-09-02
Imagine you’re on your way somewhere when suddenly you see an animal that needs your help. Could you just walk right by? If not, then this video is for you. Today we’re going to show you the most incredible examples of when Animals Asked People For Help and people answered the call! This is definitely going to restore your faith in humanity...

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    To all these guys who rescued animals in need... You guys are my heroes.. The world needs more of you guys
  • daninanity
    I'm in tears... not just because of the kindness these people have shown, but because of the state some of these animals were in due to human neglect and abuse. Thank you for compiling and sharing this. You've restored my faith in humanity just a bit.
  • Bao’s Studio
    6:52 The way that man slid down to help that calf was so brave. We need more of these people in this world 😃
  • Birgul Esen
    It's glad to know that there are actually people who care about this planet and the animals in it. Respect ✌
  • Badumbum
    The dude who saved the calf in raging river is a real hero. Dude went full fkn send into the river with no regard for his own safety. A legitimate Hero.
  • Mike Fearn
    As a guy who likes animals better than people,these videos bring tears to my eyes.THANK YOU to all the people who stepped up to help these innocent creatures.Most of them know that the people are there to help...THANK YOU GOOD FOLKS!!!!!
  • Phil Productions
    8:14 Aww, my heart melted for this dog. He was abandoned by a human for a long time, but it took only a short time to trust a human again. Pure innocence.
  • YaYa
    That poor horse, that poor wolf, that poor deer and all the rest! So glad someone with a heart was there to rescue them. 🌺
  • Karen O
    This elephant has more manners than most people I know. Well said.
  • koiun dwrru
    I love shows like this. It lets me know that there is still a glimmer of hope for the human portion of the animal kingdom. . Thanks.
  • Kathryn Menoche
    Literally made me tear up so sad but also so wholesome. Glad to see humanity helping animals out because they need someone to help them just like we need them 🤞🥰🥹💗
  • Silver073000
    Почёт и уважение людям, которые спасают животных.
  • Australian Woman
    That neglected horse in the barn was shockingly sad, as well as the black dog on the barbed wire! The gosling in the rocks & the policeman who jumped the fence to help the trapped dog were some of my favourites!
    I love them all & have seen many of these on other channels.

    Thankyou good & kind people.🙏❤️
  • Karen Mihely
    It shows that there is still humanity left ❤
  • Maribel Melendez
    They all touched my heart ❤️ I was greatful that they all survived thanks to all the good humans.
  • Meredith DeVoe
    I've had the opportunity to save a few animals and birds in my life. A bird trapped in a downspout, one tangled in fishing line, a litter of baby raccoons trapped in a trash barrel... It's such an amazing feeling. God put life in all creatures, let's take care of one another!! It's all about love!
  • Todd Kenyon
    Me and my girlfriend we're walking in an abandoned factory,the old Foster Forbs, and found a dog trapped inside of a well. Luckily her aunt was present humane society we called after we pulled the dog out of the well and got the dog treated. I looked back as I was leaving,and the dog was smiling, the dog was so grateful. God puts us all in places for a reason, thank God we were there that day!!!
  • cloudy cafts
    I can't believe there's so many kind people left in the world