Lord of the Rings | Middle Earth Music & Ambience, 3 Hours

Published 2021-01-12
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Enjoy these amazing landscapes representing Middle-Earth and an epic mix of music from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings Online! What is your favorite realm of Middle-Earth?
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Tracklist (Looped):
0:00-5:20 Long Ways to Go Yet / "Gollum's Song" (feat. Emiliana Torrini) · Howard Shore · Emiliana Torrini, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - the Complete Recordings, Composed and Conducted by Howard Shore, New Line Productions, Inc. https://youtu.be/kjulJ_iXw58
5:21-8:52 Over Hill · Howard Shore - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Composed and Conducted by Howard Shore, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_M0k...
8:53-13:48 Courage and Wisdom, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Composed and Conducted by Howard Shore, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. https://youtu.be/9Si3TmhCRGg
13:49-15:12 Elanor (feat. Sir James Galway), The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King - The Complete Recordings, Composed and Conducted by Howard Shore, New Line Productions, Inc. https://youtu.be/OfQ2tS_yQtY
15:13-18:06 The Houses of Healing (feat. Liv Tyler) The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King - The Complete Recordings, Composed and Conducted by Howard Shore, New Line Productions, Inc. https://youtu.be/1qeECAeSzik
18:07-20:25 Heart of a Hero, Lord of the Rings Online Soundtrack - Chance Thomas, https://youtu.be/DfyKcESRaKw
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All Comments (21)
  • aurora lux
    I’m currently rereading the LOTR trilogy & stumbled upon this gem. Now I have this playing quietly while reading by candlelight. I recon it’s about as close as being in Middle Earth as one can get!
  • Tonybot
    I would rather share 3 hours of my lifetime with this music than face all the ages of this world never having heard it
  • 128roote980
    I still get chills remembering Fellowship in theatres at age 13. My parents said it was "too violent", but that if I promised and adhered to one month of no screens (no TV, no movies, no video games - and kids didn't have cell phones back then), I was allowed to see LOTR in theatres.

    I'll never miss that month of no TV, but remember the words "A last alliance of men and elves..." and the snarls of Orcs in the opening scenes like it was yesterday.
  • Sam
    It's been 20 years since the lotr movies have been released, this is this is still one of the greatest soundtracks ever produced!
  • ❤️ This will never get old or outdated. Just as JRRT's books. We're gonna be reading them, watching Jackson's movies, and listening to Howard Shore's music until we die. 💎
  • scott sweeney
    I remember I was 18 when Fellowship first came out. A girlfriend of mine at the time was so excited to see it, having read the books in school. I was on the fence. Having seen the Burger King Commercials promoting this movie I thought it looked like a cheesy CGI messy kids movie. Then, I went to see it with her and as soon as the opening music and the opening back story of Sauron and the ring came on, I was IMMEDIATELY like "whoa, this is different. holy fuck." By the end I had the feeling that probably folks in 1977 had when they left the theater seeing Star Wars for the first time. I have not had a movie experience like that since 2001. Something i'll never forget!
  • Rohann Van Zyl
    6:58, tears every time I hear it.
    "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole full of worms and oozy smells. This was a hobbit-hole and that means good food, a warm hearth, and all the comforts of home." - Bilbo Baggins
  • Eric Mailler
    "There's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for."
  • queenica1
    I always cry when I listen to LOTR music. I was in highschool and we didn't have in Bosnia option to buy original cds ,so I record it myself and made this cd book inside with tiny pics of main characters. I was listening to it whole highschool in my cd player. What a great time to be alive😍😍😍
  • JipDraak
    My friend and i loved the Lord of the Rings books. We both loved reading the books and when we both turned 12, we could watch the movies (we were 11 at the time). My birthday is on May the 15th, his May the 26th. Time flew by as we were so excited to watch the movies. When i turned 12, i got the dvd's of all the 3 films, but i made a promise to my friend we would watch them together for the first time so, i waited until his 12th birthday. As soon as we came home from school, we made popcorn and watched them all in one sitting. It was an absolute joy to watch them. We both loved gaming so when we heard that there would be coming a LEGO Lord of the Rings game, we "jumped holes in the ceiling" my mom said. We waited for what seemed like YEARS for the game to release. And when the time had finally come, we rushed to the store and bought 1 disc. As soon as we got home we put in my xBox 360 and played it every, single, day. Make homework as soon as you come home frome school? No, play LEGO Lord of the Rings. We completed it in like 2 - 3 weeks. We knew there was an upcoming move from The Hobbit. We also loved reading the books of The Hobbit so when we heard that, we couldn't be more excited. The movie got released 2 or 3 weeks after we completed playing LEGO Lord of the Rings so we didn't have to wait long. Again, we rushed home after school to watch the new movie (our moms had gotten the movies for us). We loved it. We pulled an all-nighter. Around the time when the 2nd The Hobbit movie got released, my friend got sick. We first thought it was just a simple cold so we ignored it. But he didn't got any better so, he went to the doctor and it turned out he got Stage 3 cancer. We of course were in absolute shock. In a short period of time, it got worse and worse and he had to go to the hospital. He couldn't do much except lay in bed (this was around Christmas). The 2nd Hobbit movie had just released but this time, it didn't feel good. We couldn't pull an all-nighter and watch it as we did with the previous ones. As Christmas gift, i have him the 2nd Hobbit movie. We both were so excited to watch it together, even though it had to be different this time (i hadn't seen it yet). We had such joy watching it in the hospital. A few months had passed and things still wouldn't get better. Around our birthdays, things even got so bad he had to move to an other hospital. Things went a little better, but again around November things got really really bad. He sadly passed away, a few weeks before the 3rd movie got released. I couldn't stop crying for weeks. It felt so bad to watch the movie without him. When LEGO The Hobbit came out, i played it on the exact same place as we used to play together. The soundtracks, the books, the movies, the games, it all reminds me of him. Especially the soundtracks. Every year around our birthdays and christmas, i listen to this to feel more connected again.

    (And Matthew, if you see this, i collected all the coins as you always wanted me to do)
  • Rayave Online
    "You will find that the world has changed... forever ... " This one hits harder than it used to be.
  • Istari
    "But in the end it's only a passing thing, this shadow; even darkness must pass" - Samwise Gamgee
  • Jake Belmore
    I will always treasure this music with fondness, my dad, who passed away last year, this was his favorite music and movies. As we were in his hospital room, before he went to his far green country under a swift sunrise, The Shire theme is the last thing he heard. When I hear this music it brings back the greatest memories. Love you Dad and thanks for sharing this with me.
  • Zeta Sky
    Wow so I just found out that Tolkien is buried in the city I live in, in Oxford (UK). I might go and see if I can find his gravestone and pay my respects! What a talented man.
  • Harley Robinson
    I refuse to believe that Middle-Earth isn’t real 😅🥲. This soundtrack never fails to make me cry with nostalgia. Nothing captivates me like Lord of the rings
  • Nicholas Spears
    “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” - Gandalf
  • a person
    my dad read the lord of the rings to my siblings and i when i was like eight or nine years old. genuinely changed my life.
  • katie.t.
    I love all of your videos so much! They've helped me get through 2.5 years of high school, and late-night study sessions when I'm the only one awake in the house for nights on end. Seriously, thank you.
  • Joik
    I love how elegantly you have edited the tracks together. This all sounds like one song.