Bungie got their W - My Impressions/Review of Final Shape

Published 2024-06-17
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bungie, in their hour of need, needed to pull another W out of their ass. and they did. idk why they gotta wait until their backs are against the wall, but, they did it.

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  • Get 50% off your first order of CookUnity meals — go to cookunity.com/datto50 and use my code DATTO50 at checkout to try them out for yourself! Thanks to CookUnity for sponsoring this video!
  • @hue_lord_4208
    During the Excision mission, literally EVERYONE in the lobby died to The Witness' first attack, lmao
  • You could tell throughout the game through the writing and voice performance that Cayde was not entirely comfortable being brought back. very well done
  • In orbit straight up "reviewing it". and by "it", haha, well. Let's justr say. The shapes
  • @jamer25
    I think what made Targe’s death more impactful was 1) he was a very well voiced character for the small time we knew him, 2) He was tied to a character we knew personally for a very long time, and 3) We got to see just how much it affected said character and seeing how much him messing up affected him. There’s actual stakes in this story and real character development that we haven’t seen in a long time in an expansion.
  • @Emeowy
    One thing I gotta call out is that I absolutely loved the voice acting for the dissenters, and the effects are really cool to me too
  • @erikm8373
    Bungie dug their own graves so deep that they managed to strike gold.
  • Bungie buffs shatter dmg Players: Yay, a little love for stasis Stasis subjugator: PREPARE THYSELF
  • @PhilAlm92
    Me actually looking forward to replaying the campaign with my other characters is WILD
  • @SirShadeyy
    I can’t tell you how happy I am that they have stuck the landing with TFS. It has been such an amazing love letter to the world of Destiny, and I can’t wait to see how they continue the story
  • @dylanmiller1140
    Early response to cayde, he felt like a guy who WAS funny as opposed to constantly TRYING to be funny
  • @ehkoin
    Honestly, forgetting the whole "bungie's best work comes when their backs are against the wall", I'm just glad it was good. Better than good actually. It maybe wasn't the perfect conclusion but it was damn good.
  • @MonstarVirus89
    I love that you included the part where Jez killed himself to make the banner at the bottom of the screen go away. Classic.
  • @skeletor8951
    I definitely felt like Final Shape's story doesn't really start until we find Zavala's house. That was one of the most visually striking environments in the Pale Heart despite its simplicity, especially with the Witness's head smoke rising from the chimney. And that's when we transition from finding the Vanguard to the real emotional conflict and core of the story, with Zavala's wavering faith and how everyone else struggles with that and with their own faith in the Traveler. Plus that's when we start to get the cool zones we didn't see as much of in the marketing, liel you said.
  • @Reed1527
    “The campaign wasn’t that hard” Meanwhile I wiped about 5 times per mission
  • @MaiRoflKnief
    21:52 - "Single guardians in your area looking for someone to do Dual Destinies with"
  • @Ax-xN
    I still imagine Calus being a raid boss with that machine gun he had it would’ve actually made a good boss encounter where he goes from machine gun to melee it would’ve made such a good raid boss but hey at least they learnt their lesson with the witness
  • @jonnybarvo
    I literally cancelled my pre-order and stopped playing when the vibes were at the lowest point during Lightfall, and the Bungie layoffs hit. I just moved on. Then people were saying how great Into the Light was, so I decided to try. That saved the game for a lot of people I think. And thankfully we got to experience The Final Shape because it is incredible.
  • @haydenw7981
    Zavala having an entire character regression rather than a character arc upset me a little bit, but once I saw where they were going with it I felt better about it. We did rehash a lot of shit we spent season of the haunted fixing. I guess it got fixed in the end anyway so no complaints really