Published 2024-06-23
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All Comments (21)
  • @natskunn
    8:08 bro literally said “you’re a singer or you’re a wedding” 💀
  • @SukayoBaka07
    Saxophone guy went from playing at a beyonce after party and monaco grand prix to appearing in miniminter video bro has completed saxophone
  • @adamelmoustiko
    Beta squad took a break and ur the substitute 😂😂😂
  • @SidemenClips_77
    Anyone else noticed Danny wearing "its not looking good brev" T ? 😂
  • @Ralleros
    The keyboard lady.. she was in the silent library video when jj got whipped right? 😂
  • @Sinbad_Deity
    4:25 Most pianos have 88 keys but pianos range in sizes and could have less or more keys dependant on size. Danny was thinking about a deck of cards which always has 52 cards excluding jokers. 🤦‍♂️
  • @avymags
    29:05 of course Specs had a sweet in his pocket 😭
  • @rubytavola
    This was so funny to be in! It’s my sister who’s in a band called Asteri! I, unfortunately, have no musical talents 🤣
  • @blinx.7227
    Why does Simon look so good in this video though, no diddy
  • @mislsjjajaj
    Anyone else recognize number 5 from freezys speed dating, especially george she made it to the final with him😂
  • @KlaudiaSymanska
    We need more of these from you. And the other judges made it even better. great job bro.
  • @vaibhav1774
    The keyboard lady is the one from the silent library vid right?
  • @1080owen
    Danny x Specs is the collab the world never knew they needed
  • @Imrano_Rex
    Pianos have 88 keys but Danny has 52 brain cells 😂.