night drive 🌃 - An Indie/Alternative Playlist | Vol. 1

Published 2018-10-17
Take a late-night drive with this vibey & atmospheric indie playlist! Tracklist & Spotify link below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 The Paper Kites -- ‘Deep Burn Blue’
4:31 Streets of Roya -- ‘Prisoner’
7:46 The Hollow Men -- 'Speak’
11:01 Tia Gostelow – ‘Strangers’
13:57 Klondike -- ‘Healing’
17:36 Francis Moon -- 'Baby, I Know It’
20:52 JC Stewart -- ‘Medicine’
24:21 Talk Time -- ‘Desperate Weather’
28:14 Festive People -- ‘Behave’
31:30 Aaron B. Thompson -- ‘Pulse’
35:07 Sisters On Wire -- ‘My Heart Is Beating’
39:01 Paul De Leon -- ‘Criminals’
42:43 The Paper Kites -- ‘When It Hurts You’’
47:28 LAVE -- ‘Washed Wine’
51:03 Ben Reneer -- ’Swallow’
54:38 The Hollow Men -- ‘City Lights’
57:54 Whitefield -- ‘What Are You Waiting For’
1:01:05 Firewoodisland -- ‘Molehills (Album Version)’
1:04:53 The Night Heron -- ‘Empty Houses’
1:08:49 Native -- ‘Slowly Fading’
1:12:20 Richard Walters -- ‘This Fire’

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All Comments (21)
  • Reynaldy Limbert
    imagine you playing this in your car with your girlfriend beside you holding a warm coffee smiling at you, looking to you while you driving through new york in 10 p.m.
  • Lemon dope
    My future girlfriend and I are listening to this now. We're not physically together tho. Hoping that we will end up together
  • Josiah Hunter
    This is the kind of music that makes you wanna go on a journey and explore yourself to just get away from it all and experience new things see a new horizon.
  • Ali Mac
    I am officially obsessed with this playlist, it has chilled relaxing vibes without being full of sad depressing songs! Puts me in a good mood and so nice to listen to while studying
  • Andrew Sogomo
    I don't even have a car but guess who's talking a night drive.....with his legs 😋
    Love this playlist
  • Lullaby Lisa
    I found this channel a few months ago and ever since it’s all I listen to. I even play the playlists at my office for myself and clients because it’s so beautiful and soothing. It helps calm my anxiety and I appreciate it so much. I’ve also bought sooo many songs from the playlists on iTunes haha!
  • Felfel
    This is the kind of playlist you listen to when all you want to do is put yourself in a bubble, far away from everything and everyone that does not understand you.
  • Benjamin Vergara
    You make my life as a college student easier. Thanks for creating such an amazing playlist!
  • Motivation Melusi
    This is still the best one i have heard since 2020 Very amazing
  • John Courtney
    Wow, that opening Paper Kites track is excellent! Hope the rest is just as great!
  • Michael Lovely
    I've never liked a playlist so much I listen to it every night while watching the city lights late at night until I doze off. Great selection alexrainbird!
  • Bianca Rosu
    Whenever i like a song so much that fills your heart with joy i imagine myself either on a beach or driving at the break of sunrise, somewhere 5, 6 am and the cold morning air wakes me up and blows up my hair and i feel alive
  • ruby
    alexrainbirdMusic, thank you SO much for making these playlist and putting the name of the song and artist on the screen! it is really helpful and you've helped me find some of my favorite songs this way!
  • Paula Recto
    Remembered listening to this while on a 3 hr ride to work. And this is the perfect playlist. It's kinda relaxing. 2021 and still listening.
  • Dijana
    I really needed this playlist today...thank you❤