Galaxy's Edge | Building a Lightsaber at Savi's workshop FULL EXPERIENCE

Published 2020-02-06

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  • Simon E
    I will never stop loving the fact that Samuel L Jackson demanded a purple lightsaber to be better visible in the movies and George Lucas was like "Sure". And everyone is now like "Its part of the lore"
  • Dark_place_Ace
    if i witnessed this as a kid it would literally be a life-changing experience
  • Jman Films
    I wish Disney would make a cave that represents Ilum and you could go on a journey to find your own kyber crystal.
  • Lycan_Jedi
    God I love how much attention to detail they do. They literally ask him of he's a spy because he has a camera wondering if he's gonna take info back to the First Order, full history lessons about the Jedi, The main Cast member stays disguised until the presentation begins, Mentioning he has trouble because everything is an ancient relic. The little details make every bit of difference here, TBH I'd totally spend 200 just to experience it once.
  • Genocide 9999
    "Violet, the rarest of all"

    Black saber: am I a joke to you?
  • Jeffrey Cole
    I love how actors make random requests in the moment; like Samuel L. Jackson’s purple saber because he wanted to stand out, and Christopher Lee’s request to have a saber hilt which let him show off his natural fencing abilities which is why dooku’s hilt was curved. And now these years have made them lore and legend and woven into the canon storyline 😂
  • Mashallah
    The lightsaber isn’t chosen, the lightsaber chooses you.

    -Anakin Olivander
  • Adam Torocsik
    Lady: Are you all familar with the legend of Luke Skywalker?
    Everyone: Yes.
    Lady: Good. And did you hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?
  • I thought that the speaker would be kinda cringey but she was very good at speaking and clearly enjoyed doing it
  • My Name Is Chris
    The cast in this exhibit did an amazing job staying in character and bringing the whole experience to life. They definitely earned their pay
  • Tyler Gehle
    How exactly did they acquire so many red crystals. Do they have an onsite sith alchemist who knows how to bleed crystals?
  • Dr. Pepper
    You can tell how much the lady likes her job because she puts a lot of effort into each presentation
  • American veteran
    I love how the most famous lightsaber is the same one that killed thousands of youglings.
  • Jedi 1234
    I think it would be cool if you had the option to have your hilt be curves, like Dooku's.
  • Jusstyno
    the team dynamic of the staff there is incredible, the experience alone seems worth the money.
  • DarkAngel40
    Seemed to have a lot of trouble building your lightsaber, but I have heard that that happens a lot with pieces not fitting properly or the chassis not working at all or the batteries dying like seconds after it's made. Guess that's what happens when you have to mass produce stuff for people to be able to build lightsabers.
  • OakenToken
    "Violet, the rarest color!"
    Number of purple lightsabers in the room literally outnumber every other color
  • H2
    Because of how cameras work, the lightsabers look real, and I really like that
  • Cloo Viewer
    "THE RED CRYSTAL THE CRYSTAL OF POWER! Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Assaj Ventress, and now....Kylo Ren"

    Count Dooku and Sidious: Die inside