Pov: you joined a cult | a playlist

Published 2021-10-01

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  • ABadDemono
    I started a cult called "Women lovers" and then proceeded to make custom stickers and put them all over my entire school during a free period. I had so many stickers that they're still finding stickers that say "Join the definitely not cult: Women Lovers!!" 5 months later.
  • kyraisdead
    As a cult leader, this is surprisingly accurate.
  • Flynt

    Deceptacon - Le Tigre - 00:00 -- 3:04
    Teenagers- My chemical romance - 3:04 -- 5:40
    Pumped up kicks - Foster the People - 5:40 -- 9:37
    Beggin' - Måneskin - 9:37 -- 13:08
    I wanna be your slave - Måneskin - 13:08 -- 16:01
    Killin' on demand - Freddie Dredd - 16:01 -- 18:08
    Spy? - WHOKILLEDXIX - 18:08 -- 21:03
    Saint Bernard - Lincoln - 21:03 -- 22:45
    Cradles - Sub Urban - 22:45 -- 26:14
    Choke -- I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME - 26:14 -- 29:28
    Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana - 29:28 -- 34:24
    Money - The Drums - 34:24 -- 38:17
    Feel good inc. - Gorrilaz - 38:17 -- 41:59
  • Muffinhead203
    “Did you join a cult?”
    “No, I didn’t.”
    “That’s what a cultist would say.. *mom glare*”

    Edit; Thanks for the likes :]
  • Cranberry the Cat
    every song on here is a banger, and they flow together so well! also not-so-secretly proud that most of these songs have been in my playlists for years; I am my own cult of personality lmao

    thanks for the compilation!! 💖💕
  • Inverted Pizza
    "No, we're not about to start a Skeleton Samurai worshipping cult in the forest behind your house. Who gave you that idea?"

    edit 6/15/22: For all those who have and will ask to join I made a channel. It's called Mors Bellator and I commented and verified the comment below so look for my comment to find the right channel (just in case any false accounts pop up)
  • Cinnatric
    My friend accidentally started a “cult” (it wasn’t really a cult the kids just called it that) so my friend is Russian and one of the orchestra songs we had to play was (creatively) titled Russian Folk Song. So our teacher asked her if she recognized the song and she said, “yeah, it sound like a song about bread.” And everyone laughed and that’s how the bread cult started. Russian Folk Song was now The Bread Song, and we just talked about bread lol.

    The reason my friend said it was a song about bread was because there’s this Russian show she watches (idk the name we just call it the Russian show) and the people in the town had a parade about bread in the show and it sounded like the song. The Russian kid in the other class confirmed it was a song about bread, but idk if they had a bread “cult” in that class.
    After a while we moved on from the bread song and it hasn’t been brought up for a while now.
    Sorry for my long rant about bread and orchestra.
  • Medm
    If this is what joining a cult sounds like i would already be there ngl this is perfection
  • Last year a student had some sort of train of thought that made him compelled to change his profile picture on Google Classroom to the some profile as our Science Teacher. More student's did this, and it became a cult. The Mr. Mclloyd Cult. Almost the entire grade had this profile picture and so did some people from other grades. The funny thing was that the teacher never changed his pfp. Just kept it the same as students worshiped him as the school's Jesus.
    My best friend made her profile picture the Chinese teacher's profile picture (we went to a charter school where we had to learn Chinese and Spanish) and advertised a "Mrs. Barron Cult" in our G.T. Google Classroom. She was made a target by the Mclloyd kids and they made up slurs to use against the Ms. Barron cult. A member of the Mclloyd cult encouraged all the Barron kids to convert their "religion" to Mclloyd. Mrs Barron, being an old woman (like she was legit 80 y.o.) thought it was ridiculous and changed her profile picture to something in Chinese. She encouraged us to learn what it said. Guess what it said?
    "Come Ms. Barron Cult" (I would assume it meant "Join the Ms. Barron Cult tho)

    Can't make this up.
  • Skipper
    Me and my cousins always joke and say to each other "y'know, you only need 3 people to start a cult" (there's 3 of us)

    if we started a cult we'd probably praise the 2 rocks (connie and adam tater) that we share custody of or smth
  • cyb3rb0y
    me and my friend made a joke about starting cult worshiping greek godess até (diff spelling but yk) and it turnt into less of a joke and more of a hobby, we even got other people involved , I lead it cause I had the idea , I genuinly think i may have accidently started a real cult 😭 MF WE EVEN HAVE CLOAKS ITS GETTING SCARY
  • Natalie Jones
    my mom: you joined a cult??
    me: No, I escaped, you're the one still in it
    my mom: Stares in mormon
  • Space Sheep
    Something funny is that me and my friend joked about starting a cult about some "Duck Lord" and now we are just thinking about it..

    Nothing more


    At first we were like "Duck Lord cult"
    As a joke

    But bro....

  • Romeo_Gates
    Started with Le Tigre, ended with Gorillaz, this is a good playlist
  • nonsense
    You actually got me good with that discord ping at 41:05
  • /. Lux .\
    I Once have started a cult that lasted years and had like 50+ members
    It was fun
    I had loyal members
    And then backstabbers who leaked stuff we did to the public.
    Honestly I wish I could go back to the old days, It was REALLY fun being the leader
    We did some rituals with certain members

    Sadly one day while in a group chat
    They all broke into a argument
    The argument WASNT pretty at all
    After it
    Everyone hated eachother and chose sides
    Some left
    Some stayed to hate on others.
    I’m obviously not typing the Cult’s Name for privacy reasons and not to leak other stuff.
  • petrichør
    i’m trying to write about a fictional cult, this playlist can help me brainstorm ideas :)
  • Diya
    This would be PERFECT if it included cult of dionysus but this is awesome!
  • Delfene Johnson
    I made my own cult in seventh grade and we called ourselves "The fallen angels" And we made our own song and Everything, i was very proud of it and still am