FULL SEGMENT — Rock, Reigns, Rhodes and Rollins highlight a bumpy Road to WrestleMania

Published 2024-02-08
The Rock, Undisputed WWE Universal Roman Reigns, 2024 Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth "Freakin" Rollins find out their challengers at WrestleMania XL. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. Delivered by youtube.com/@PizzaHut
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All Comments (21)
  • @anipaul9166
    Lol the boo when Rock tries to speak is something i never thought i would see 😭😭
  • Seth backing up cody against rock and roman was pure cinema because he hates part timers as well
  • 12:54 is so hilarious. Rock knows how to control a crowd. He heard someone say what and immediately made the WHAT chants start
  • "When neither of you have been doing the cooking for two years". That was a bar lol
  • @TheCamSays
    Oh, y’all are geniuses for putting this whole segment up.
  • Seth and codys enemies to friends backing each other up arc is my favorite part
  • @Kamran.R
    When the Rock says "Whether you like it, or whether you don't like it" was the same line used when Hogan turned heel at Bash at the Beach '96...a cool nod to Hulkster. (Edit: Hogan used the line when The Giant joined the NWO)
  • @nenjahplz
    This is how u know the rock is still the people's champ, he heard the response of the people not liking Cody not being the main event and they got with the creative team and flipped it......f'n awesome
  • @Kgthegtacreator
    The Rock pulled up a PowerPoint presentation as if he is in a corporate meeting 😭😭
  • @user-nb8mo7sk5r
    The Rock is great at what he does. He knows how to feed the crowd as a heel and as a babyface. This is awesome!!!
  • @user-nn1kf5uu7h
    After all of these years to see Paul Heyman out there still holding court, incredible. The guys gonna outlive and outlast everybody he was competing with, McMahon, Bischoff. He deserves it.
  • @jasonlloyd3335
    I cant wait for Rock to go full heal. This build up has the potential to be very special.
  • You admit it or not, It Doesn't matter!
    In just two appearances, 'The Rock' is the epitome of a man who can significantly boost the WWE business.
    Without question, he is the greatest thing to ever happen to professional wrestling!
  • @manuelgomez7650
    You can tell the moment Roman smiled when the tree came out , it was a smile not of his WWE character but it was a smile of pure proudness knowing his family tree really are a great family dynasty
  • @jono2811
    This is one of the greatest segments I’ve seen from wwe in a long long time. Triple H is cooking fr.
  • @sugarray6250
    Stone cold was my hero growing up and seeing Rock play with the what chants gives me goosebumps.